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Even though we all know that Disney characters are perfect just the way they are, sometimes it's fun to imagine what they might look like in a parallel universe. For example, what if Prince Eric was actually Princess Erica, and Ariel was actually Asriel? Would the love story change if it were a merman falling in love with a Princess? What would be different? How would Ursula look? While we might never know, thanks to the talented TT Bret of Let There Be Doodles, our imaginations can get one step closer.

Check out these awesome female-to-male gender-swapped Disney characters below and tell me in the comments which ones are your favorite:

James Porter

It'd be a different story if we had a rough and wild Tarzana being taught the ways of the world by the refined James Porter!


I didn't think it was possible, but Male-ficent looks more scary than ever before.


Whether it's Wendy or Wendell, our beloved Peter Pan character is still cute as a button.


Damn, that beard is bringing some fierce pizzazz!


While the whole story of Brave would be very different if the main character was a guy instead of a girl, I have to admit, I would love to see it!


It doesn't matter if Alice or Alec falls down the rabbit hole -- the Queen of Hearts would still be terrifying!

Anders and Elias

"Elias? Do you wanna build a snowman?" Hmmm, still sounds just as catchy!


Can you imagine the huge man-bun that all that hair could make?!


I would love to see a whole film about Asriel the little merman. Not to mention that if Ariel became Asriel, then I guess he would have 6 brothers as well!

Source: Let There Be Doodles


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