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Disney has always massively appealed to the LGBT community, and there have even been many characters over the years in movies that Disney creators have intended to be gay (think, Hercules's Hades, Tarzan's Terkina or Aladdin's Genie, to name a few) even if no character has ever explicitly said it in the movies.

As society and audiences become more accepting and aware of LGBT relationships and experiences, the time when Disney creates a storyline with a strong, openly gay protagonist is drawing ever nearer.

To tide us over until our all-gay Disney movie is announced, illustrator/artist/photo editor/cosplayer TT has created a selection of astounding gay and lesbian artwork on her tumblr, 'Let There Be Doodles,' where famous hetero disney couples have been fabulously transformed into adorable gay and lesbian ones.

TT has supplied most of the new names for the characters that have changed biological sex and we thank TT for the 'namespiration' as you go through the list, but we also had fun coming up with our own for one or two!

You definitely need to check this out.

1. So You know...Aladdin and Jasmin

So meet...Aladdin and Jasim (thanks TT!)

2. We all loved... Flynn and Rapunzel

So prepare to love... Flynn and Ralph-punzel

3. How cute were... John and Pocahontas?

But guess who are cuter... John and Pocahonton! (Thanks TT!)

4. We'll throw you back to...Philip and Aurora

And we'll bring you back with...Philomena and Aurora

5. It was all about... Jane and Tarzan

But then along came...Jane and Tarzanna

Head over to TT's tumblr to check out more Disney characters as genderbent, racially changed and with a change in natural body type!

And keep your fingers crossed for the announcement of Disney's first gay plotline.

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