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The Disney dudes are mostly a pretty sensitive bunch, tripping up over pick-up lines and swooning over their lady-friends. We always assumed this was because they knew kindness and charm wins in the end, but what if there was another reason? What if it was actually because, underneath it all, the Disney dudes were actually Disney darlings?

Well, that's exactly how student illustrator TT has imagined it. This selection of awesome 'genderbent' artworks depicts Disney's gents reimagined a la femme. Check them out!

1. Flynn as 'Faylinn Rider'

Appropriate Quote: "You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done!"

2. Jim as 'Jamie Hawkins'

Appropriate Quote: "I'm going to make sure that you never see one drubloon of *my* treasure!"

3. Tarzan as 'Teleza'

Appropriate Quote: "Why didn't you tell me there were creatures who look like me?"

4. Peter Pan as 'Petra'

Appropriate Quote: "This won't do. What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot."

5. Shang as 'Shan'

Appropriate Quote: "One moment. You seem to be missing something."

6. Milo as 'Milee'

Appropriate Quote: "Oh, I swim pretty girl... Pr-Pretty *good*, pretty good. Sw... Good. Swim good. Pretty good. I swim pretty good."

7. John as 'Joan'

Appropriate Quote: "I've seen hundreds of new worlds, Thomas. What could possibly be different about this one?"

8. Hercules as 'Harmonia'

Appropriate Quote: "Father, this is the moment I've always dreamed of."

9. Eric as 'Erica'

Appropriate Quote: "Believe me, Grim, when I find the right girl, I'll know. Without a doubt, it'll just—*bam*—hit me. Like lightening."

10. Adam as 'Adalyn'

Appropriate Quote: "Maybe... Maybe - it's better... it's better this way."

11. Aladdin as 'Aliah'

Appropriate Quote: "You're gonna grant me any three wishes I want, right?"

12. Prince Phillip as 'Phillipa'

Appropriate Quote: "I'm awfully sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you."

Check out more of TT's artwork over on his Tumblr account.

Source: Tumblr & IMDB


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