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At this point, there are quite a lot of speedsters on CW's "The Flash". Of course Barry Allen AKA The Flash is on the show, since he is the titular character, but in season one we had Eobard Thawne AKA The Reverse Flash and now we have Jay Garrick and of course... Zoom!

I'm going to do this character by character, and let's start with:

Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash - Eobard Thawne

Professor Zoom in all his glory
Professor Zoom in all his glory

In the show, The Reverse Flash was the alter ego of Eobard Thawne, just as in the comics, in which he also goes by the name "Professor Zoom". Thawne travelled back in time to kill Barry Allen before he even became The Flash, but Barry travelled back in time himself and foiled Thawne's plans. Somehow Thawne lost his superspeed, and trapped in that time he decided to take Harrison Wells' place, and turn Barry, who was just a kid at this point in time, into The Flash prematurely, so that Thawne could use him to get back to his own time. Now, this is where it starts to get weird,

On the show, Thawne dedicated himself to the pursuit of making Barry faster and stronger, so that he could one day run fast enough to "Break the time barrier" and return Thawne to his time. In the comics, the speedster who is dedicated to bettering The Flash, is Zoom AKA Hunter Zolomon. which brings us to our next evil speedster.

Zoom - Hunter Zolomon?

Looks a bit familiar doesn't it?
Looks a bit familiar doesn't it?

The above picture is of the comic book version of Zoom, and in the comics, his real name is Hunter Zolomon. As i mentioned before, Hunter Zolomon is dedicated to making The Flash better. This is quite a good cause, but Zoom however does this through tragedy and general misfortune, in short; he puts The Flash in hellish situations he then has to overcome.

When you look at the above picture, you're probably going, "That's not Zoom, that's The Reverse Flash, Zoom's costume is black" but no, it actually isn't. Zoom adopted the costume of The Reverse Flash, and therefore looks exactly like him. On the show however, Zoom's costume is black, and nobody knows his real name. Also on the show, Zoom's only goal is to kill all other speedsters on any world, but this doesn't really fit the comic book version, it does however fit another speedster quite well.

Black Flash

I know, not the most creative name, but hey what can you do.

They look a lot alike don't they?
They look a lot alike don't they?

The left hand picture is from the CW show, and the right hand picture is from the comics. In my opinion they look identical, too identical for it to be a coincidence. If any of you have seen the other CW show "Supernatural" Black Flash is basically the reaper for people with superspeed. For those of you who haven't, what that means is, that Black Flash comes to collect Speedsters before they die. It is never actually said whether he exists because the speedsters are actually to fast for "regular death" to catch them, or if it is a side effect of their superspeed.

Now, Black Flash's sole purpose is to kill speedsters, if that sounds familiar, it's because it is how Zoom was described on the show. The original version of Black Flash has no other personality, he is just Black Flash, this fits the whole "nobody knows Zoom's identity" thing pretty well. So i think that Zoom on the show, might actually be Black Flash.

But of course all of this is just some crazy theory that my weird brain has made up, so let me know what you think in the comments!


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