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The original Saw movie, released in 2004, was based on a short film with a budget of $5,000. To date, there are now seven films in the series, that have collectively grossed almost $1 billion world wide.

What Halloween wouldn't be complete without Jigsaw and his companion -- the creepiest puppet ever to grace the big screen -- Billy?

It's now a decade since Saw II was released in 2015, following up from the original. Arguably, this was the most difficult of the lot -- if it was a flop, people would've criticized trying to follow up such an original storyline.

The release delivered. With the Jigsaw killer finding more genius ways to torture both characters and viewers alike with his sadistic games, the path was set for future installments for years to come.

We witnessed most of them brutally murdered in the film (sorry anyone who hasn't seen Saw or saw Saw II), but, a decade on, where are they now?

1. Tobin Bell - John Kramer (a.k.a. Jigsaw)

The Jigsaw killer is probably my favorite on-screen serial killer. Not that I have a list, but if I did, he would be at the top.

Tobin has featured in all of the Saw films, most recently being a generally evil bastard in Saw: The Final Chapter. The 73-year-old has stated that Saw II was his favorite of the lot, which is quite an accolade considering how many he had to choose from.

Aside from Saw, Tobin is still acting regularly, including a 2014 appearance in the horror film Dark House.

Perhaps a rarity in the horror genre, Tobin had the opportunity to add a lot of depth to the role of John Kramer. Speaking of the character, he said:

"He was a guy who was very committed to what he did, and we had an opportunity to develop why, and what his values were, and what his greater motives and concerns were. Which made it very interesting."

2. Donnie Wahlberg - Detective Eric Matthews

Donnie has played the role of Detective Matthews in four of the saw movies, and Jigsaw's game in Saw II focuses on his character, clubbing together (no pun intended) victims who were (knowingly) wrongly convicted by the corrupt cop.

On the screen, Donnie has a lead role in the police drama Blue Bloods. Aside from acting, he tours with boy band New Kids on the Block, of which his brother Mark (also fairly successful in his own right...) used to be a member.

It's fair to say he wasn't 'deadly' serious on the set, often carrying out practical jokes of a morbid nature:

"I would take like the corpses, the body parts and stuff, and set it up in people's hotel rooms and trailers. Stick like a hand in the toilet. You open your toilet, go to sit down and there's like a hand jamming up your ass.
You have to do something. The movie's so dark; you have to lighten it up just a little."

3. Shawnee Smith - Amanda Young

Director James Wan wanted her for the role for because he'd had a crush on her since he was 14, which isn't a creepy at all.

It's fair to say her acting skills also had a significant part to play -- other than Jigsaw, Amanda is the only other character to have appeared in all of the Saw movies.

In the initial movie, it was explained she was the only known survivor of Kramer. She appears in Saw II as, initially, one of the victims. However she soon reveals herself to be an apprentice of Jigsaw himself. I mean, I can think of better role models...

Shawnee featured as one of the main characters in Anger Management, playing the role of Charlie Sheen's ex-wife for 100 episodes until it came to a close in 2014.

The actress has recently converted to the Orthodox Church, and is producing her own documentary on the matter, which is currently in pre-production.

4. Erik Knudsen - Daniel Matthews

The son of corrupt cop Eric, Daniel becomes entangled in Jigsaw's game, eventually being found by a SWAT team locked in a safe. Probably not what he had in mind when he was offered a 'lock-in.'

The actor, now 27, held a lead role in the Canadian drama Continuum as Alec until the show finished this month.

He also appeared regularly as Dale Turner in Jericho.

5. Franky G - Xavier Chavez

Xavier's character was intended to enter the infamous "syringe pit," but he threw Amanda in instead... what a nice guy! For the film, 120,000 syringes were used, and it took four people four days to replace all of the tips. I feel for those four people.

Franky G has had limited appearances in leading roles on the big screen, but has been busy acting. He's appeared in the direct to video The Devil's Tomb and also Dead Man Down, amongst many others. He also teamed up with Donnie Wahlberg again when appearing in Blue Blood.

6. Emmanuelle Vaugier - Addison Corday

Addison had the unfortunate task of reaching into a glass box, full of razor blades, in an attempt to retrieve a key. Even the most glass half full person would struggle with this challenge. The video below is not for the faint hearted!

Emmanuelle now enjoys a successful TV career. She had a recurring role on Two and a Half Men and, more recently, appeared in US dramas Lost Girl and Mistresses.

7. Billy the Puppet

The iconic puppet was controlled by fishing line in the original Saw, before a bigger budget allowed director James Wan to redesign and control him remotely.

We can all rest easy, knowing that he was destroyed in an explosion in Saw: The Final Chapter. Well, at least we hope he was destroyed. Perhaps the producers were just stringing us along...

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