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(Warning - the following contains the first few pages of the upcoming Marvel comic-book series The Totally Awesome Hulk. If you'd rather not know anything about the comic before its release, then the following can be considered SPOILER-ific...)

Now, Mark Ruffalo may still be tearing up African cities as a Bruce Banner-ified Hulk in Marvel Studios' Cinematic Universe, but that doesn't hasn't stopped Marvel Comics from breaking with the classic 'Bruce Banner gets mad, turns into the Hulk' formula over in the printed-page division. In fact, no one actually seems to know what the heck has happened to comic book Bruce - all we do know, in fact, is that...

There's a Brand New Comic Book Hulk in Town...and He's Totally Awesome

Specifically, that's what his new comic book is known as - The Totally Awesome Hulk - and, as you might have guessed from the name - they relatively staid Banner is no longer the star. Instead, 19-year-old super genius Amadeus Cho (of Hulk and Hercules sidekick-ery fame) has stepped into Hulk's oversized boots - and from the looks of this newly released 'first look' at the new comic book's first issue, he sure seems to be enjoying it...

First up?

The Wind-Up

The Pitch

The Swing

And, of course...

The Hit

Now, the arrival of Cho as The Hulk may well raise more questions than it solves (just where is Banner? How did any of this happen? Where would one get one of those burgers?), but while we're waiting for The Totally Awesome Hulk #1's release in December, we can at least enjoy these variant covers for the debut issue, including...

The Main One

The Old-School One

The Stylish One

The Collectible One

And, finally...

The '90s One

December can't come soon enough...

What do you reckon, though?



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