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In the world that we live in today anything can seem to cause a massive uproar. James Gunn, the director of the acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy, issued a casting call yesterday for extras in the sequel, [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2](tag:1081113). When the specifics of what exactly they were looking for came out it caused an uproar with a particular website, The Mary Sue. The site had issues with the restrictions set on the extras that were planning on auditioning.

James Gunn Accused of not wanting "Normal" looking women?

After the casting information was released, a website called The Mary Sue, which is a feminist pop culture website, wrote a piece describing the casting call as showing just how "gross" Hollywood can be. You can check out that piece HERE. The reason being that the call specifically asked for females to be very attractive and tall and that there are more restrictions on the female actresses than the males. They accuse Gunn of not wanting any "normal" looking actresses in the film and claim he is being sexist.

Directors don't have much to do with casting extras

James Gunn likely has little to nothing to do with the casting of extras, much like most directors. The only time that directors worry about extras is when they have a close personal friend or relative involved, or if they become close on set. I can see where The Mary Sue is coming from on some aspects, but their stance in my opinion is far too harsh. James Gunn seems like a pretty good guy from what I have seen from him so far and I am far from labeling him as sexist.

James Gunn takes to Twitter to respond!

James Gunn took to Twitter to deny any claims of sexism and expressed his disappointment in The Mary Sue. Saying that there are dozens of cultures in the film only supports why the casting call was so specific.

I'm sure that there is a particular species of aliens in the film that are known for their drop dead gorgeousness and I'm sure that this is specifically what these casting calls are for. While I do not like to put labels on peoples' appearances as beauty is on the inside not out, some people have particular type of look and that is what they are looking for. Now, in defense of The Mary Sue, if Marvel casts only super-attractive, super model type actresses then they have a point, but that does not seem to be the case. Let's all just get along and get ready for the next awesome Guardians of the Galaxy film!


Do you think that the casting call is sexist?


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