ByVictor Staner, writer at anyone, to prove me wrong on any of the facts that i state in this writing! come to my home and set down with me and we will talk about any thing that i write, i promise every thing in this paper is based on facts that i have found, more facts then anyone else that has claimed that they found Atlantis! i based the facts from Plato's writing about Atlantis, all the facts can not be proven because of time and or destruction, so what i have done is read and reread the two books Plato wrote about Atlantis (Critics and Timus). i took notes of all the facts that can still be seen or found even thou and the ages of time and destruction. if my memory is right out of about 30 facts from the books, about 12 i believe can still be proven. As many of you know English and words are not my strongest ability's, due to the fact that i am dyslexic, that is the reason for the challenge to give you a chance to debate with me and ask questions, so please read this carefully to try and understand how and why i know for a fact, that I Victor Staner have truly found the real lost city of Atlantis. OK first why do i believe Plato as a fact, Plato was from Athens Greece, it is said that Atlantis was at war with Greece, that is why i believe him it was part of his history. Plato says Atlantis was a large island, past the pillars of Hercules, which is near Spain to the west, that will put you in the Atlantic ocean this is where i started my search. i also might add that so many people use Plato as a main reference guide but they only use the part of his words and twist the rest, Plato gives the size of the land and a good description of Atlantis, mountain range to the north running east to west and the city of Atlantis then the plains to the south. so given these facts why would you look in Spain, or south America or barmuda triangle, it makes no sense to me to look any where but some thing that could have been or is the same size. yes most of the land about 95 % is under water but given the fact that in yellow stone park has hot and cold water like Plato's Atlantis, and it is said to be a super volcano and if and when it explodes it can take out about 1/3 of the USA yes , 1/3 of the USA under water one article i read, so why is it sooooo hard to believe Atlantis is under water it seem to me with Atlantis have been on a small mountain and the fact it has been dug out with rings all around it. then many generations to come mined the mountain and improved on the city, port docks carved into the mountain, tunnels for minerals to use in the temple of Posiden. all taken out of a small mountain. WOW really, can it be a super volcano right on the biggest fault line ever, that caused a large land mass to vanish under the water with earth quakes and a massive rain flow flooding all the top soil. i would also like you to consider how the Romans moved large land masses they dug large holes in a mountain, then rushed to fill with water and poof one mountain side all gone. that is not amazing to me, the fact that i have found the temple of Posiden, that is amazing. after all that mess to still be found at all is sooooo cool. i looked at it as a true story and base my findings on many hours of searching Google earth, not Google maps, Google earth has much more detail then any other maps i have tried, and i have tried many. Plato says Atlantis was about 341 miles east to west by 228 miles north to south with a mountain range to the north running east and west, and a plains area to the south. after finding 3 possible locations, i soon realized the odds of me finding any thing at all, this was like looking for a needle in the hay stack as they say. it felt like i was being guided, is the only explanation that comes to mind. so i made a grid pattern and looked, square to square soon i found a mountain range running east to west, it is the Azores islands are the top of the mountain Plato talks about. soon i found the plains to the south, and yes you can imagain how excited i was at this point. it took some time for me to realize what Plato said about the city of Atlantis, he states the city was 50 stadia (one stadia is about 600 to 660 feet) from the mountains, and 50 stadia from the plains so this narrowed my search area down allot the one man that was sooooo close to finding Atlantis (Cristin O'Brien) had missed this fact he put Atlantis to the south to far. so i looked and looked and looked and became very discouraged until one day two facts hit me, one i made a map in my mind and decided to put it on paper, and comparing it to Google earth i soon realized one fact i missed, wow Atlantis was sooooo small compared to the ocean it was like looking not for that needle in the hay, but more like looking for a gran of sand in the hay stack. so i went back to my grid pattern, only this time much smaller squares and i knew about the region it would be found cause of Plato's description. the second fact i have noticed was in Google earth there are lines of clarity, this took me quite a long time to notice but i looked in the grid pattern again but just looking at these lines, at one point after many years and hour upon hour day after day, sooooo much time on my computer, as a mater of fact i ran through 3 computers through all this time, good thing i made many back ups lol, then one day it hit me, like a ton of bricks BAM there it was the lost city ATLANTIS was right in front of my eyes, you can imagine how excited i was, telling every one what i have done , after all i was the first person to see this city in about 12,000 yrs after the last ice age. i started telling my friends and family and one thing to this day that still puzzles me is how cold of a reception i have received, and how much no one knows about Atlantis, so i needed some big help here, me being the person i am, not much schooling and barely making through high school you can imagine how hard it is to get anyone to listen to me . after all the story of Atlantis is like the boy who cried wolf, sooooo many people have claimed to find it but with out any facts, this makes me sooooo mad, cause they are on TV and so many of the story's have no bases for what they claim to be Atlantis and very little of the facts that Plato states. OK now for the facts that i have found i have pictures of every thing i talk about these facts i have found, along with the cordnates. fact 1 the size and shape of Atlantis, according to Plato was 3,000 stadia by 2,000 stadia (341 miles by 228 miles) and was the shape of an egg. fact 2 the location of Atlantis, Plato says Atlantis is past the pillars of Hercules (the rock of gebraltar) now given the fact that Plato was from Greece and the pillars are to the west that is why i started looking in the Atlantic ocean fact 3 a man made trench dug all around, i believe some of these have been found already! fact 4 water ways, water ways was cut into the plains area 100 ft wide, intervals of 100 stadia apart (about 12 miles) there was about 12 of these across the plains area, running north to south, these was to bring down wood and food from the mountains fact 5 a small mountain, this mountain was the mountain Poseidon found his love, and she gave him 5 sets of twins, on the top of this mountain was Posiden's temple that had gold statues of all the kings and queens of Atlantis, and a statue of posiden himself riding a chariot with 6 winged horses, and 100 dolphins all around, all of this was made from gold. fact 6 the small mountain, Plato states was was 50 stadia from the mountain range from the north. fact 7 the small mountain, Plato states was 50 stadia from the plains to the south. fact 8 the small mountain, was the mountain Plato made rings around the house his love lived in, 2 of land and 3 of water, these can be seen but only in part, about 1/3 of the city is being able to be seen the rest is covered, and remember Atlantis slid 2,000 ft down a mountain, sooooo the rings are very hard to be seen. fact 9 the center ring that Atlantis was built, Plato says the center ring was 5 stadia across (3,000 ft). fact 10 Posiden's temple, was said to be 1 stadia long by .5 stadia wide, (600 ft - 300 ft), i have also found many other building, i believe some to be guard houses, or maybe a palace. fact 11 the light house, the light house was said to be as bright as a second sun, and to be located in the middle of the plains. fact 12 a horse track, is said to be around one of the rings of Atlantis, i believe i have a picture that shows part of this track. this is the LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS OK all of these things i have found, i have pictures and location of all these facts, I have done all this started not to find Atlantis but to search for our creation, when i ran across Plato's books, i was hooked on finding this I'm very good at seeing things that others seem to miss, i don't understand why, and probly never will understand it. But i do claim to be the founder of the lost city of Atlantis, i feel it was given to me, not that i have done this, but it seems as i was guided to find it, and i could not stop till i found it. thank you all for taking the time to read this [email protected] Victor Staner

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