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... very old ones in black and white, like Captain America, they are just too ridiculous ^^). While I am fine with Marvel since the start of Phase 1, including Norton's Hulk, I had my problems with DC movies. I loved the Burton's Batmen, hated the next two with Clooney and Kilmer (though I think Kilmer was a good Wayne), and I don't share the hype about Nolan's approach to Batman. I liked the trilogy, but wasn't blasted away like many others. Nolan is too much headwork - not that it's too complicated, it's just too sophisticated for me to entertain me (if I want that, there are other movies I can watch, not a comic movie), and it played in a parallel DC universe without super powers. It was interesting, but not that much entertaining for me. I also hated every single Superman movie so far - I like Supes more, when he is more down to earth and has his weaknesses (that's why I, obviously part of a minority, like the DC comic universe after new 52 way more than the storytellings before). I like when it gets dark and depressing, but in a more action based way. That is not easy to find, and something bothered me in any try to make a nice Superman film - but Man Of Steel just delivered exactly this. I was very, very sceptical a long time and refused to watch this "just another way to trash Supes", but when I did - oh my gosh, I was totally blown away. I do LOVE Man of Steel and can't wait for the next movies. I loved the pictures Snyder delivers, the flashbacks to Krypton, the actors (besides Amy Adams, holy shit, dat bitch is annoying as fuck), and the complete story. Also I loved that both his dads have been Robin Hood, haha ^^ Cavill fits the role perfectly, and I do hope he will stomp Batman like a 5 year old girl ^^ (see? SEE? I was a Batman fan all my life, but that is HOW MUCH I love Man Of Steel and how much Cavill as Superman did impress me). And I love that - finally - he stopped to wear his panties over his trousers ^^ I also think Mackie was fun, though - come on, he is jus a b-list side actor, let him have his minute of fun, that's okay. He is contracted to Marvel, and Man of Steel was the beginning of DC entering the serious comic movie realm. I think of this "beef" between Marvel and DC as highly amusing - as a person, who loves both publishers, I have always seen it like that. Marvel better? DC better? Bah, two sides of the same coin, and I love them both.

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