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Shadan Syed

Devil's Door: A short film by Syed Shadan

Devil's Door is my latest short film project after The 13th and this is my fourth short film to date. The film was shot in 2 hours and had no budget at all.

When I was thinking of making this short film, I had nothing particular in mind. At first, I wanted to make something horror-related as it was the one of the most tempting genres I hadn't tried before. But, it turned out to be something completely different. That is why I couldn't find any other genre to put this movie in.

The movie stars my best friend, Rishabh Mukim, who also aspires to be an actor. The movie was primarily shot at his house. The lighting at his house was perfect for the type of feel I was aiming for. I shot the movies with my Nikon D3300 and I edited it using Adobe Premier Pro. I used the song Für Elise because when I heard it in a scene of the movie The Walk; it gave me a dreamy feel which I thought I could use to depict a drug's addict daily life. I also used Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' because it gave a light and humorous feel to the film.

In short, the story mainly revolves around a drug addict who is in denial (says he has done drugs only once in his lifetime). He was about to quit doing drugs but when he heard about a new drug "Devil's Door" which supposedly cures Insomnia, he thought of taking it for a spin.

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