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Fans are burning with questions and wild speculation thanks to the latest (and final) trailer for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), and it seems as though some of our favorite celebrities are, too.

In an exclusive video with Vanity Fair, director J.J. Abrams takes pre-recorded questions from celebrities and industry creatives concerning several of his past, present, and future projects.

Almost unexpectedly, the questions sound like the hit-and-miss awkward inquiries from fans at any standard Comic-Con panel, but a few big names hit J.J. with the hard questions. One of those people just happened to be Star Wars creator George Lucas, who asked the one question that so many people have likely dog-piled both men with for some time now: What happened to Darth Vader's grandchildren?

A delightfully nervous Abrams does his absolutely best to answer his peers' questions, including several asking for last-minute roles in The Force Awakens. Definite highlights include his answer to one of my favorite funny guys, Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller, and later, Abrams receives a fairly hairy inquiry from Suicide Squad's Jared Leto.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases on December 18th


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