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After watching Supernatural, Wednesday night on the CW, it dawned on me. Maybe this wasn't going to end well. As usual! I'm going to offer my theory. Hear me out!

Okay! So don't cut my head off just yet!

I have been an avid fan since the beginning of the show. Much like many others in the supernatural family I have followed these boys and will continue to till the very end. (Not in a creepy way.) We have all had our fair share of heartbreaks when it comes to one of the characters within the show dying, which happens a hell of a lot. We have even seen Dean Winchester die more than 20 times in one episode. Lets just say The Winchesters have avoided final death quite a lot.

After last nights episode titled "Baby" with the entire episode shot within Dean's Impala, it offered a nostalgic, fun, happy atmosphere. In my opinion, emphasising the love these brothers have for each other, even though we have seen it through out the series. To me, when nostalgia is presented I feel a sense of dread and death coming along with it. Nostalgia and some form of unhappiness always come together as a package deal. Now, lets investigate.

In comes Daddio! The younger version. Driving the Impala in Sam's dream/vision. Of course when you see your dead father driving your brothers car talking of impending doom, you're going to be a little freaked out. Sam becomes investigative trying to work out who this really is, because it clearly wasn't his father talking. Those who known John Winchester would know what he's like. Am I right? Sam recalls his earlier vision, which is him being tortured with all kinds of tools. It was short and snappy. Perhaps a glimpse of this impending doom that his father is talking about? And in Supernatural tradition...

... It seems the fate of the world lies in the hands of the Winchesters. Well, seeing as though they caused it, I suppose its only fair the were the ones to end it. In this case, the person who is talking to Sam is in some way trying to help, although its not exactly clear why. Sam seems adamant that the man in his vision was God disguised as his Father, but Dean being Dean thinks its a load of crap.

The quote in the Gif, sparked this whole theory and made me piece things together. Unless this is all just utter gibberish and I have no idea what I'm talking about. But it kinda makes sense, so I'll roll with it.

From the very first episode in Season 11, we see Dean meeting what seems to be the Darkness. Which is no less than a very attractive woman. Of course! In which they exchange a few words. The Darkness seems very appreciative of Dean for setting her free, although Sam would dispute that, and informs him that they will always help each other. Which you would think is kind of odd seeing as though Dean is a hunter that has killed many evil creatures, and The Darkness, well... she was locked up for a reason! I guess we will see later on in the show just exactly what she is capable of, other than eating souls, but honestly that's bad enough.

So what if Sam is supposed to be "God" in this situation and lock up the Darkness again, which could possibly mean doing something to Dean, especially if he is apparently bound to her.

"We Are Bound" Personally I think has some cause for panic. So what could this mean? Does this mean that in order to kill the darkness or even lock her back up again, we would have to do the same to Dean? Or maybe, killing Dean would be the way to kill The Darkness. I don't know! With bound being a strong word in this context, I can almost smell the plot twist coming. But then there's the issue of Sam. As we know, one brother can't die without the other trying to make some kind of deal to save them, even if that means them dying. So if it turns out that Dean has to die in order to save the world from the Darkness, which is why in Sam's vision his father/stranger in his dream told him only they can stop it, would Sam make a deal to stop his brother from biting the bullet? Probably more than likely. They would try to find some kind of loop hole, which would allow both brothers to walk out of it alive.

But wait, were forgetting something:

Billie the Reaper! This sassy reaper was introduced to Sam at the hospital while he was infected with this unknown infection caused by the Darkness. Recapping what happened in the season finale of Season 10, with Dean Winchester killing Death, the reapers aren't too happy at all. Consequently, Billie gives Sam an ultimatum, making it abundantly clear that if Dean or Sam dies, they will remain dead. *sobs*

I believe this scene was included for a very good purpose, which I think will play a very important part in this theory. With only Sam knowing this, would Sam go ahead and make a deal that he can't keep? If its even possible. Or would this make Sam even more depressed and determined to find a way to save his brother and save the world? Who knows! But, there might be some hope for the Winchesters. If the man in Sam's dream is actually God, maybe the act of Sam killing his brother to save the world from the Darkness, he might bring him back to life, cleansed and unbound from the darkness. Despite what that reaper said, God is like the MEGA- Boss. See what I did there? So I'm sure he could do anything he wanted to. Hopefully.

Speaking of Mega, where's Megatron? Well we see that Cas is trying to look for him. The last time we saw him, he helped Castiel get his grace back but made off with the Demon Tablet. Now, I'm pretty certain the Demon Tablet will tell them what exactly the Darkness is and how to get rid of it. Megatron will probably become the bearer of bad news, which I'm sure he will love.

I know this is a lot to take in, and can you believe I thought all of this during one 43 minute episode. As I said this is my theory for the rest of the season.

I'd love to hear your theories if you have any!


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