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Norman Reedus is getting a new reality show on AMC, which is only logical since that's the same channel that airs his hit horror drama series The Walking Dead. It will be an unscripted six-episode series, and the working title is currently Ride With Norman Reedus.

This makes perfect sense, especially since we've seen plenty of Norman Reedus on motorcycles as Daryl Dixon on TWD.

As we know, Reedus/Dixon is pretty into motorcycles. It's all good and well (and probably a pretty solid paycheck) for him to have a show about them. However, the part that I'm confused about is what this might mean for Reedus' character on The Walking Dead.

Is he going to suffer an ill-timed and potentially brutal fate in Season 6? I mean, how else would he be able to film a new series... on the same channel?

Sure, it could just be that he's a hardworking dude, but a Daryl Dixon death would devastate droves of people who have grown to love one of the first characters who was able to become a low-key sex symbol by being abrasively attractive.

The rumors are that Jesus Monroe, who will be introduced soon, has moves similar to those offered by DD. Could this be the replacement they need that would make it unnecessary for Reedus to keep acting on the show?

We already know that they're trying to up the ante, and with Glenn's *death* at this point, we have seen that they are more than willing to kill off important, longtime, original characters.

AMC would gladly throw a bone to one of its star characters from its biggest hitter of a show in TWD, and before you go ahead and dismiss this notion that Reedus might be written off this season, consider this: Who in the entire cast could you imagine as a cliffhanging end-of-season death than Daryl Dixon?

It would be huge for the show's ruthlessness rating, which it has proven it clearly wants to bump up a few notches already, three episodes in.

Here's the preview of Episode 4, which should give us a bit more insight into where Morgan's head is at. It'll be good to check in on him after an episode that didn't include him, at all, last week.

(Via: Deadline)


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