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Being a Latter-day Saint, and having seen Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for the first time in Utah (USA), when Spock and Kirk were getting into the truck with Catherine and she asked if they "liked Italian", the "yes", "no" back and forth was funny. But then, Kirk comes out with "Too much LDS in the '60's" in order to explain Spock's look of bewilderment. That was hilarious. To most people, Kirk just got the letters mixed up and meant to say LSD. But to many Latter-day Saints, it seemed a tip of the hat to our church. Hence, this was one of my favorite Spock moments in his later career.

When I was about 13 years old, Leonard Nimoy was the guest host for the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon during the Labor Day weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. I so wanted to meet my hero, Mr. Spock, that I begged my dad to take me in to the city to give my donation to him personally and shake his hand. My dad acquiesced, and took me to the U of U theater where the broadcast from SLC originated. I stood in line with other Spock admirers and eventually got to hand him my meager donation to the cause. When he took my hand to shake it, he looked me in the eyes and smiled his enormous, un-Spock-like smile and said, "Thank you." Now that may not seem like much to most of you, but how many of you reading this got to do that in your whole lives? He was a kind and good gentle man. His "Live long and prosper" will always and forever be a part of our lexicon. "Of all the beings I have known in the galaxy, he was the most...human."

Rest in peace, Mr. Spock.


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