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The Darkness Rises

We know that this season our boys are in some serious trouble. Warning, here be some spoilers.

Supernatural season 11 is off to a fast start and it shows no signs of slowing down. Removing the Mark of Cain from Dean's arm has had the consequences and put the boys into another end of days situation.

In last nights episode, "Baby", there was alot of symbolism and hints dropped to what may lay ahead for the brothers.

Sam's Dream

Sam Winchester sleeping in the back seat has a very peculiar dream. He wakes up next to his father as a young man, while listening to his mother's favorite song.

The conversation is kind, Sam though is skeptical about the situation. Sam knows that he is not his father, and calls him out on the conversation wasn't real. Jon replies, "I never could fool you, could I?"

This is our first huge clue to who Sam was talking to.
"NO! IT COULDN'T BE! " oh yeah, I'm going there.

The Dream Conversation

Sam awoke, after the conversation ended with John saying, "God helps those who help themselves. " Dean hands him a cold one, and the conversation begins. He tells Dean about his visions.

Dean asks Sam, "Who would dress up like dad to talk to you?" (Lucifer is known to show up in people's dreams disguise as other people.) Sam insist that it wasn't just a dream, but a vision. The darkness is sending messages to Dean, and maybe whatever is the opposite is sending messages to Sam. Sam said this himself.

I ask, what is the opposite of darkness? Who is the light bringer?

The Mark of Caine

Going back in time now to season 10. The brothers discover that Lucifer originally burden the mark before passing it down.

Now we know Lucifer is the light bringer, and the Mark of Cain is a key. Wouldn't it make sense for God to keep the weapon and the key together? The darkness can't exist without the light. They are bonded.

My Theory

To defeat the darkness the brothers must release Micheal and Lucifer from the cage. Sam will have to give himself as a vessel, and the apocalypse will happen. Going back to destiny and the blood line of Caine and Abel.

Who knows, maybe they will throw a curve ball at us and, team free will, will prevail. My perspective of this season is grim, but I'm still looking forward to a great season ahead!

Do you think Lucifer is the way to lock up the darkness?


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