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I've written before about Tommy Wiseau's The Room, the best bad film ever made. It's an awful mess; an effort at drama that fails at just about everything it attempts.

Poor reviews suggested many felt the same about Josh Trank's effort to reboot Fantastic Four, and so it makes an odd kind of sense that Wiseau has expressed an interest in making the next one.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Magazine, Wiseau made passing mention of Trank's Fantastic Four.

"Let me put it this way - I like it, I did enjoy number one. Number two, it's too bad they didn't call me."

Wiseau is perhaps the only person surprised that he hasn't been called to direct a big budget blockbuster. After all, he hasn't directed a film since The Room back in 2003. His most recent effort was an online only sitcom called The Neighbors which tried and failed to recreate the lightning in a bottle so-bad-it's-good sensation of The Room.

Undeterred, he said he would be "ready" for a big Hollywood project.

"I'd be ready for a big project in Hollywood, so if they give [me] a project, $200 million - man, we'll make a movie!"

I struggle to imagine any Hollywood producer giving $200m to this total maniac - he filmed The Room on 35mm and high definition video simultaneously because he did not know the difference between the two - and much fun would it be?

Twentieth Century Fox do have previous form for giving projects to relatively unproven directors. Fantastic Four (2005) and its sequel Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer were both helmed by Tim Story, who was known at the time for mediocre comedies like Taxi and Barbershop. He got budgets of over $100m for each film.

Young director Josh Trank was next to take on the poisoned chalice after the success of the relatively low budget Chronicle. Again, over $100m was spent on a film that tanked.

Trank's alleged erratic behaviour caused issues behind the scenes of Fantastic Four, and similar tales of crazy behaviour from Wiseau during the making of The Room have become the stuff of legend. Maybe the two aren't really so different!

For all Wiseau's faults (and there are many), would he do a worse job that Story or Trank did? Rotten Tomatoes, the websites that aggregates film reviews, certifies Trank's Fantastic Four as an awful 9% fresh. The 2005 version did slightly better with 27%, and Rise Of The Silver Surfer got 37%.

Wiseau's widely derided The Room? It got 35%. So if there's going to be yet another attempt to put Fantastic Four on the big screen, the studio could do worse than to give Tommy Wiseau a call - after all, they already have done worse.

Personally, if there is to be another attempt to get the Fantastic Four onto the big screen, I wouldn't give the gig to Wiseau. It would be hilarious, no doubt, but if I had my pick, I would go for Steven Spielberg.

It might seem ridiculous at first glance, but let's face it - comic book adaptations are mainstream now. The idea of one of Hollywood's most beloved and lauded directors getting behind the camera for a film like Fantastic Four shouldn't really surprise anyone.

I think Spielberg would be perfect if he could be tempted to do it. He is an adept action director but he has a deft touch when it comes to character relationships, particularly familial ones (E.T. and Jurassic Park spring to mind). Spielberg would make the audience actually care about these characters, which has been a big flaw in the previous three attempts. If we care about the characters then we will care about what happens to them.

What do you think? If there's another attempt at a Fantastic Four film, who would you want behind the camera, and why?

Who should direct Fantastic Four?
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Source: Milwaukee Magazine


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