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Children can be cute. Children can be such sweet little angels. But they can also be insanely freaky and evil, as made clear in films such as The Omen and the Sinister series.

Village of the Damned is another film featuring creepy platinum blonde super geniuses with steely blue eyes void with any emotion.

Twenty years later, and these kids still send shivers down my spine. I don't know how I would be able to handle an emotionless horde of scary children that are problem not even fully human.

Wondering what the cast has been up to since? We have the answers for you!

1. Christopher Reeve as Dr. Alan Chaffee

Following productions: Above Suspicion, the Black Fox series, The Lion and the Lamb, A Step Toward Tomorrow, 9, Rear Window, The Practice, Smallville

Fun fact: Reeve was only 24 years old when he was cast as Superman by Richard Donner, which made him the youngest actor to ever play the part.

2. Kristie Alley as Dr. Susan Verner

Following productions: It Takes Two, Suddenly, Ink, Nevada, Deconstructing Harry, Toothless, For Richer or Poorer, The Last Don, The Last Don II, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Blonde, Without a Trace, Back By Midnight, Fat Actress, The King of Queens, Write & Wrong, The Minister of Divine, The Manzanis, Syrup, Baby Sellers, Kristie, Hot in Cleveland, The Middle, Accidental Love, Flaked

Fun fact: Alley has a severe phobia of flying, which must be difficult as an actress that sometimes must film in other countries, let alone states.

3. Linda Kozlowski as Jill McGowan

Following productions: Shaughnessy, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

Fun fact: Kozlowski attended Juilliard and trained as an opera singer.

4. Michael Paré as Frank McGowan

Following productions: Raging Angels, Coyote Run, The Colony, Bad Moon, Strip Search, Falling Fire, Merchant of Death, Hope Floats, The Virgin Suicides, Men of Means, Space Fury, Peril, A Month of Sundays, Blackwoods, Heart of America, Fate, Red Serpent, Cold Case, Crash Laning, Far Cry, Direct Contact, Rampage, Cool Dog, The Lincoln Lawyer, Memphis Beat, Blubberella, Leverage, Road to Hell, Jet Set, How Sweet It Is, Suddenly, Snapshot, The Big Fat Stone, No Deposit, Operator, Bone Tomahawk, Hunted, Evil Within, The Shelter, Sons of the Father, Scream for Me, Weaponized, Infiltrator, Worth Avenue, The Company You Keep

Fun fact: Paré studied with acting guru legend Uta Hagen during the early 1980s.

5. Meredith Salenger as Melanie Roberts

Following productions: Girl in the Cadillac, Pier 66, The Sentinel, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Sparkle and Charm, Sour Grapes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bug Buster, Lake Placid, Chicks, Good Advice, My Best Friend's Wife, The Third Wheel, Cold Case, Out of the Woods, Close to Home, Life, My Apocalypse, The Cleaner, House Poor, Men of a Certain Age, Robot Chicken, Damages, The Lamp, Hollywood Heights, Anger Management, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, Jake Squared, Mad, The Carpenter's Daughter, Icky: An American Dog Story, The Second Coming of Christ

Fun fact: Salenger is a smart woman who attended Harvard University and graduated cum laude with a degree in Psychology.

6. Mark Hamill as Reverend George

Following productions: The Ren & Stimpy Show, Phantom 2040, The Outer Limits, Hey Arnold!, Superman, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Pinky and the Brian, The Incredible Hulk, Commander Hamilton, Spider-Man, Men in Black: The Series, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Just Shoot Me!, The New Batman Adventures, The Powerpuff Girls, Wing Commander, MADtv, Batman Beyond, Johnny Bravo, Hamilton, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Samurai Jack, Earth Day, Static Shock, Rocket Power, Balto: Wolf Quest, Totally Spies, Dexter's Laboratory, Son of the Beach, Birds of Prey, Dark Cloud 2, The Scorpion King: Rise of Akkadian, What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Clifford the Big Red Dob, Time Squad, X2 - Wolverine's Revenge, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Stuart Little, Stripperella, Family Guy, Batman: New Times, Justice League, Queer Duck: The Movie, The Batman, Danny Phantom, Battle for Terra, Darksiders, The Boondocks, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Chuck, Back to the Sea, Sushi Girl, Robot Chicken, The Neighbors, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem - A Klok Opera, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Regular Show, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Flash, Minkow, Star Citizen, Batman: The Killing Joke, Star Wars: Episode VIII

Fun fact: Hamill is the longest standing actor to have voiced the character the Joker with multiple adaptions than any other actor.

7. Lindsey Haun as Mara Chaffee

Following productions: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Star Trek: Voyager, The Tom Show, Addams Family Reunion, The Color of Friendship, Philly, Malcolm in the Middle, Brave New Girl, Alias, 7th Heaven, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, True Blood, Graceland, Hanky Panky, Such a Small World, Reset, Exquisite Corpse I, High and Outside

Fun fact: This girl also knows how to sing! Her father is Jimmy Haun, the guitarist for Air Supply, and she is in her own band called 7th Fall.

If you want to avoid getting mysteriously pregnant with half evil creature babies, birth control might be a good options.

Unless, of course, they're so strong it wouldn't have any effect on them. Then, creepy children it is.


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