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ArrowSeason 4 has been a huge step up from last season. And though last night's episode wasn't the flashiest (no pun intended, seriously), or the best, it did give us a chance to look beyond some of its problems.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The show was split into four main points. So, this review will split it up as so, too.

Sara Is Alive, Not Well

The main point of the episode was Captain Lance coming face-to-face with his back-from-the-dead daughter. Lance immediately tells Laurel she shouldn't have brought her sister back from the dead. Laurel ignores this and tries to show Sara family photos anyway. This doesn't go well, ending with Sara screaming, "Who am I?" and trying to kill Laurel in a panic.

Lance than decides to go to Damien Darhk for advice. And Darhk gives the same advice he gives to everyone: Kill her. She isn't Sara anymore. Put her out of her misery. Lance, stupidly, listens and he goes to kill Sara. Of course he doesn't do so, though. He is not someone who will kill in cold blood, let a lone his own daughter. Laurel might have been there to talk him down, but did anyone actually think he was going to shoot Sara?

Oh, and Oliver sees Lance talk to Darhk. This leads to a powerful scene between the two men. Stephen Amell (Oliver) was good, but he really couldn't stand up to Blackthorne.

Sara later escapes, but that is for next episode.

This was the best Paul Blackthorne has every been on the show. Lance breaking down in tears multiple times was something new. Lance has been underused so many times throughout this series, so it was good to so him being utilized. But, the episode does make a strong argument that Lance is the one in the grave come later this year.

Laurel is Laurel. Katie Cassidy is a good actress, but the show is handling the character in the worst way possible. Laurel, with all the problems with the character, ended up as one of the highlights of Season 3. I think she was handled well in the first few episodes this year. But, god, the show is making Laurel selfish. Everyone told her to not bring Sara back, she did it anyway. She tells her father, but ignores all his concerns. She's really not thinking about what is best for her family.

Ollie, the Mayor? Possibly

Oliver decides to tell everyone he is running for Mayor. They all question his sanity. Except Felicity, but she had a lot more time to wrap her head around the idea. My favorite part about this storyline? Lance saying he would endorse Oliver because of what has happened to the all the other candidates. A great display of awareness of by the show.

Ollie's friends all eventually come around, as Ollie gives a fantastic speech. However, Thea really did most of the work on his campaign. She hired the interns, she wrote the speech. If only she ran for Mayor, i t would make much more sense to me.

Enough of the mayoral race. Let us talk about the lair.

concept, I know.
concept, I know.

It is awesome. STAR Labs and Cisco helped out, of course. The suits are all nicely showcased. It's much more high-tech, resulting in some power issues but the space looks great. And maybe those power issues are connected to Ray?

Felicity vs. Her Phone

Felicity's phone is still messing up and she tracks the problem to Curtis Holt's office, he naturally denies all involvement. Curtis is also trying to figure out who the Green Arrow is, but is terribly bad at the guessing game.

Holt helps Felicity figure out that the code is coming from one of Ray's old prototypes when he finds an old video from the day of his death. Felicity doesn't want to see it still, because she's in a lot of denial when it comes to Ray.

Villain of the Week: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Rutina Wesley guest stars as Liza Warner, a Special Forces cop that goes bad. Liza leads other turned cops on a crime spree, only getting caught after two other innocent cops in the madness.

This leads Lance to realize how far he has fallen. He gives a lecture about how the citizens can't give up on Star City, and how the police force stands for justice. This speech is effective in having Liza stand down and not harm Oliver.

Overall, this episode was really about Lance, it was about Sara and his family. It was about Lance and Darhk. It was about Oliver and Lance. And about Lance and the police force. Lance is the connecting stitch in the episode, allowing some great character development in the role.

The show continues to improve and as long as it doesn't fall into the setting up [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) trap, this season should continue to be good.


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