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okay we all know there a yellow diamond but i seen a lot of theories and white diamond in the serious steven episode that diamond could of been white diamond. but peopel are saying blue dimoned been capterd or was lapise but I say no i thimk in the episode horrer club blue diamond was stuke in the tower in the light house because pearl said in what are gems short. "if a gem is in a bubbel or a objet trapping it it can not reforme." your probely thinking what does that have to do with this well in the light house was a diamonde gem it could have been blue diamond . your might be thinking if that true how did blue diamond get stuke in there in the first place ? then her my theror of how it happend

it stared wien the war was ending blue dimoned was on earth a and she could of fell in a hole and the a bolder could of fell on her and poofed her but not crack , chip, or break her diamond gem but trapped it in a small spot.over time the land was formating and growing . when ranodo and lars as kids were building the light house blue dimond could of been trying to form but got stuke in the foor and became the light house forgot some memories. but when lars hurt the light house by carving his name the lighthouse / blue diamond got mad for hurting herself and try to kill him.

any wat coming back also the cloer looked a littel blueish like blue dimonde symbole in fan theorys.

do you think this theroy is true ? do you like this theroy? fan me and comment and ill anser your questones

by the way to the site owners this is just a theroy it may or may not be true so dont ban me or anything like that


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