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Zachary Chichwak
A "B" tier actor playing a "C" list hero lol, 5 minutes of total screen time....who cares what this clown thinks!!! 25 years before MARVEL filed bankrupcy WB had made 5 Superman films, 4 Batman films, not to mention Batman TAS/Superman TAS and even a Supergirl movie from way back when. MARVEL wasnt making movies for 2 reasons. 1. Their book sales didnt justify it, and 2. they claimed that technology wasnt up to snuff to make a film. Superman in 1978 changed cinema forever. New standards were set for special effects and cinematography. Both Superman and Batman titles have been oscar nominees, and Batmans first outing WON an oscar! Fuck MARVEL. DC properties are films. MARVEL just makes the next chapter, whether or not the one before it bombed or not......Robert downey is a boss Tony stark, and the avengers was a game changer illl give em' that. Unlike MARVEL, You need an I.Q. To watch DC films. Plain and simple. People never even talk about the source material anymore which is LUDICROUS!!! Sales figures for comics as of mid-year; not one standalone MARVEL title outsold Batman. Harley Quinn outsold THOR, along with every X-MEN title! Hell, Aquaman outsold Silver Surfer and Black Widow, Cyborg outsells Hawkeye.... It goes on and on and on. DC makes better animated films by a country mile as well. National Allied and DC titles were making serial films 2 decades before Timely comics created the oh' so popular Fantastic Four lmfao... I can give a thousand examples of MARVEL ripping off DC's characters/titles, layouts, formats and even their distribution structure. I have gone Waaaaaaay off topic i suppose, but it pisses me off that everybody's so gung-ho MARVEL nowadays because 1out of 3/4 movies they make passes for "good". Lest we forget, 4 (yes 4) godawful Fantastic four films, Daredevil, Elektra, both Hulk films (although i personally like the first one better) Thor 2, Punisher 2, Spidermann 3, Amazing spidermann 2, Captain America 1 (a cinematic abortion)! 2Ghodtrider's, Blade III, 2x Wolverine movies, 2.5 X-Men films and I havent even gotten the Howard the duck shit! But two Avengers films, 3 Iron man films, 1Thor and 1 Punisher film and roughly 2.5 out of 5 X-men films were "good"...Batman and Robin sucked, Catwoman sucked (although it wasnt based on DC source continuity) and Green Lantern weren't so hot.... But I'll take quality over quantity any summation, Fuck that half stepping B lister Mackie....he gets paid to like MARVEL

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