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It’s Autumn, you know what that means? Bright colored trees, breezy hoodie weather and pumpkin spice lattes! It also means that Halloween is upon us, so it's time to get out your scariest games and pull an all-nighter! These games will bring the chills down your spine without ruining your appetite, so it's time to lower the lights, grab a controller, and get gaming!

1. Costume Quest

This is the best game to play around Halloween time. It hits all of the classic Halloween memories from your childhood: spookily decorated houses, lighted jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, and home-made costumes… it’s all here! The controls while exploring and battling are easy to get the hang of, so players are able to focus on enjoying the story and side quests as they experience them for the first time.

2. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Pale, drenched, half-rotted ghost woman crawling out to get you? Check. Creepy dolls? Check. Gameplay that forces you to get close to the things you’re terrified of? Check! Turn off the lights and crank up the surround sound as you adventure through some terrifying locales and get close and personal with their ghostly inhabitants. Most survival horror games have you sprint away or otherwise blasting your enemies from a distance, but in Fatal Frame you’re forced to come face to face with them, armed only with your Camera Obscura and a warm pair of trousers. For the non-gamer who is scared by the kind of Asian cringe-horror you find in films like The Grudge, this could be a thrilling gaming experience.

3. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Even if your not into video games, you'll know who Luigi is, he's a character that everyone is familiar with, and his flagship 3DS adventure is something that absolutely needs to be experienced by everyone. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is charming, challenging, and beautifully animated. Spend an hour or so guiding a trembling Luigi through an old, creaking mansion and suck up some spooky ghosts. Afterward you can find the OST on YouTube to set the tone while you carve Luigi-inspired pumpkins.

4. 5 Nights at Freddy’s

If you’ve never played [Five Nights At Freddy's](tag:3590694) before, it’s basically a spine-chilling sitting duck simulator; you play the role of an overnight security guard at a family pizza joint that houses some bloodthirsty animatronic animals. It’s a point and click affair as you sit in a control room and monitor the animals through multiple camera feeds. This game is all about the jump scares. I recommend plugging in your headphones so you can hear your surroundings while managing the cameras. If you don't have any gaming consoles this game is a great option as it’s available for PC, Android, and iOS.

These are just a few of the hundreds of games that make you want to turn your lights on at night. Halloween is just a few short days away, dust off our consoles and get gaming!


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