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The new hit Fox TV show, Scream Queens, has all of us fans on our toes. There has been plenty of speculation on the identity of this killer. And there's several theories and ideas on who it could be.

We do know one thing, creator Ryan Murphy has said that we have met the Red Devil. Let's narrow down the suspects.

Chanel Oberlin

First we have the obvious suspect, our Chanel #1, Chanel Oberlin. She's President of KKT, well co-president now with Zayday. And she did murder their Ms. Beane by sticking her head in the fryer. But it seems she's always a target of the Red Devil. Unless there are two Red Devils. We do know Boone faked his death to help the Red Devil because they're friends. Then again, Boone and Chanel didn't seem close. But Chanel doesn't really have friends she has minions. Chanel may be too obvious of a choice to be the killer, but there's some serious potential for this Queen Bee to be crazy enough to be a killer.

Chanel #3

Chanel #3, one of the loyal minions of Chanel Oberlin. What we know is that she has a sketchy past. She's the alleged daughter of murderer Charles Manson. And we learn that she wears the ear muffs because the last guy she dated was obsessed with her ears, and when they broke up he said if he ever saw them again he'd cut them off. It seems she's dated crazy people, maybe because she is crazy as well? She may have killer DNA but is she capable?

Chanel #5

Chanel #5, another loyal minion to Chanel. But Chanel #1 seems to have it out for #5. She's quiet and takes everything Chanel throws at her. But has she finally snapped and now she's getting her revenge on Chanel by becoming The Red Devil? She seems unlikely to be the killer, or is that what they want us to think?

Dean Munsch

It's clear as day that Dean Munsch hates Kappa and she'd do anything to get rid of them. She also helped cover up the death at the Kappa house back in day. The killer knows their way around campus, just like a dean would, don't you think? She also seems to really hate Chanel, she slept with her boyfriend, could the next step really be murdering Chanel and the rest of Kappa?


Pete, we all thought he was the cute barista with amazing McConaughey impression. Chanel warned Grace that he was a stalker. And here's the big red flag: HE HAS A RED DEVIL COSTUME IN HIS CLOSET. Editor of the school paper and the mascot? Likely story Pete.


A dead man couldn't be the killer right? NO. We all know that Boone faked his death and he is friends with the Red Devil. BUT what if HE is the Red Devil and he faked his death so no one would suspect him. And with there being TWO Red Devils, Boone has definitely gotten some blood on his hands (literally).

Wes aka Grace's Dad

If Grace was the baby born in the bath tub at the Kappa house (she is a legacy) then her dad could be a big suspect. It's the perfect revenge plot against the Kappas and Dean Munsch, especially since she covered it up. Plus he's got a strange obsession with horror movies and their murder scenes. Creepy.


Gigi is a smart lady and a Kappa alumna, but she seems to be stuck in the 90s. Maybe something traumatic happened to her in the 90s like I don't know watching someone give birth in a bath tub and then seeing the girl die right after? But who knows maybe she's innocent. BUT then how would you explain how she knows the Red Devil?! SHE MUST BE WORKING WITH HIM TOO. DUN. DUN. DUN.


Denise isn't a main suspect, but her interest in Zayday being the killer is quite suspicious. And so is her friendship with Dean Munsch. She does suspect the idea of two there being two red devils, which could mean she knows something we don't know. Or maybe she's just doing her job... Nah.


She's the new co-president of Kappa and she says she wants to figure out who the murder is but something about Zayday is suspicious. As Denise pointed out, she does keep a CHAINSAW under her bed. And she also was kidnapped by the Red Devil, but she was not killed. Maybe the Red Devil is just hopelessly in love with her like she said. BUT she wasn't in the Red Devil's lair when Grace and others they went to save her. So where was she? It seems pretty convenient she was set free just in time to vote for a new Kappa President. I'm just saying...


But honestly, my money is on Hester being the killer. Think about it, she's completely nuts. She's obsessed with death and kind of already thinks like a psychopath serial killer. She's obsessed with Chanel and wants to bring her down. She already started pinning Chanel against Chanel #5. Hester told Chanel that Chanel #5 told the police what really happened to Ms. Beane. Plus she's obsessed with Chad. It seems like Hester wants to take everything Chanel has, does this include her life completely? Also what if she wears the back brace because maybe she didn't have a proper birth. Maybe she wasn't born in a hospital instead what if she was born in I don't know let's say a BATHTUB in the KAPPA HOUSE? Just a theory.... That makes total sense.

Needless to say, ANYONE could be the killer. You or I could even be the killer. But we'll have to keep watching to find out who the true identity of the Red Devil is. Scream Queens comes on Tuesdays on Fox at 9pm. Who do you think the Red Devil is?


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