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Spoiler alert!

I'm giving you Gotham fans out there that this is a spoiler alert!!!!!

Recently, I spotted an episode that will be aired on November 9th

and guess what, this episode will be involve with Barbara!!!!!!

Barbara Kean.
Barbara Kean.

All the time I've been waiting of when she's going to get

her revenge on Leslie but though, going after Jim Gordon?

It's probably Galavan sending her to go after him because

he's going to make a business deal with Bruce Wayne.

But not to worry, captain Barnes & Harvey Bullock

are hot on Barbara's trail.

Barnes (Left) & Bullock (Right).
Barnes (Left) & Bullock (Right).

Will they ever stop her for going after Jim?

Or will it be too late?

I'm telling you boys & girls, whatever that Galavan is sending Barbara

to go after Gordon, it's going to be the fine of the lifetime!

The biggest action episode that I'm going to watch it, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Brace yourself for Barbara's revenge!

Gotham w/ Batman logo on the O.
Gotham w/ Batman logo on the O.

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