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A lot went down in the newest episode of The Flash with the introduction of a new Firestorm, and possibly a reference to a superhero that some fans may have been waiting to see on-screen ever since the New 52 was announced.

We've already received 'The Flash' but why not throw 'Kid Flash' in there? Could the latest episode have revealed the existence of the young, soon-to-be speedster Wally West, or possibly even the eventual Reverse Flash Daniel West?

It Seems That 'Wally West' Is Here!

In this week's episode, we saw Iris go deep into the past of her very sick mother and discovered that when she left her father 20 years ago, she was pregnant with his first and only son. Many were led to believe that they may be referring to 'Daniel West' who, in a different storyline, was indeed Iris West's sibling that turned evil.

EP Andrew Kreisberg decided to spill the beans on the identity of the child at a recent press screening of the episode.

That's Wally.

Originally Wally West was Iris' nephew but things seem to be changing up now with the New 52 coming into play.

We always hated on TV shows that it’s year two and somebody’s like, 'Well, Cousin John’s coming!' And it’s like, ‘Oh, good ol’ Cousin John!’ who no one ever mentioned before. It was always weird. The notion that they don’t know Wally was sort of where that came from and then that was the idea that Francine was still alive and then that whole storyline.

Kreisberg reveals that Iris isn't going to be announcing Wally's existence too soon and that keeping this secret from her father will be too big of a burden.

Iris is now in the position that Barry was in last year – she’s keeping a secret to protect somebody and she’s going to find that, for all of her anger at Barry and Joe from last year, keeping this secret is not going to be so easy and it’s going to be weighing on her before she finally decides to take some action in an upcoming episode.

Sooner or later, Wally West could be making his debut in the new season. This could truly mark the beginning of the New 52 and extend the universe even more. How Wally West will become 'Kid Flash' is still a question that needs answering. This show just keeps getting better and better!

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