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The tale of Frankenstein is known to most of society. It's been written, filmed and rebooted multiple times across many generations almost to a point of exhaustion. Upon hearing news of yet another remake, I was disgusted. What could Hollywood possibly add to it that hadn't been done before? How could they make a new and exciting reimagining that wouldn't degrade the source material so much that it disrespects the story itself? I had booted this film off of my to 'see' list before production even began. Boy, did I make a mistake.

It wasn't until the trailer dropped that I began to get hyped about Victor Frankenstein. Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy seem to be a dynamic duo, capable of comedy and class. The trailer did an amazing job at turning a skeptic into a believer. I pulled 3 major hype points out of the trailer that have me impatiently waiting for a Thanksgiving trip to the movies.

A Deeper Look: More Backstory

The thing that turned me off Frankenstein reboots was the extreme repetition. It was literally the exact same movie over and over again. This tactic tends to get old quick and leaves a sour taste in moviegoers' mouths.

Victor Frankenstein will break off from that playing field, focusing more on how the monster came to be made and the driving forces behind Frankenstein's maddening desire to bring life into the dead. This is something I've been dying to know more about. I can't wait to see what James McAvoy brings to such an iconic character, hopefully bringing the magic of the original to a new generation.

Sidekicks Matter: Igor Gets His Spotlight

The story behind Victor Frankenstein will be told from the perspective of Frankenstein's assistant, Igor. This is by far what I'm most excited about. People get so distracted by the main character of this tale that Igor and his motivations remain quite a mystery - until now.

Daniel Radcliffe will be bringing his A-game for this production. He's going beyond his comfort zone with some hair extensions and channeling the darker side of his mind to bring Igor to life. The movie is set to reveal more about Igor's past than ever before and brings some heavy moral conflict into play that can be applied to today's society. In an interview with Nylon, Radcliffe spoke of his annoyance with long hair and the deeper story behind the movie, stating:

“First of all, drying it takes half an hour and is so f***ing boring. Secondly, the upkeep! If you’re willing to put in the effort, I’m full of admiration, but I just couldn’t do it.”
"I like the fact that it’s a studio movie with these big sets and sequences, but there’s also a cool intellectual debate going on—our innate fear of technology and the fear of people who push it beyond where we’re comfortable with it going—it felt like a nice combination"

Why So Serious? Insert Comedy Here

Their intro to the trailer should've been the first hint that Radcliffe and McAvoy are comedic gold. The two have a wonderful, brotherly chemistry that seems to have translated well into the film. I'm delighted to see that this new take on the Frankenstein lore will be a bit lighter than the past ones. In addition to their awesome intro to the full length trailer, they have added their dashes of wit to the teasers as well, currently streaming on YouTube as ads. They are impossible to skip, even though you have the option to!

Seeing the duo interact so well outside of the film makes me even more confident that they will do their roles the justice they deserve.

Thanks to a deeper plot, two great actors and an abundance of humor, my faith in this remake has been nurtured and is blossoming to great heights. Once devastated at the thought of Victor Frankenstein, I am now confident that the film will be a blast to see. My tickets will be preordered at first opportunity and I will happily forgo the turkey feast to spend my Thanksgiving with two mad scientists.

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