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The Story:

Oliver continues his plan to run for mayor and tries to get the whole crew on board. He takes them to his new Batcave, I mean Arrowcave, which Cisco helped build. Meanwhile Detective Lance is looking for cop killers and is faced with a new problem when Laurel reveals Sara's return. Unsure of what to do, he approaches Darhk who tells him to put her down. That her soul is long gone and that she is no longer the daughter he knew. Damian continues his schemes while team Arrow and Lance are preoccupied with stopping Lady Cop and her thugs. Curtis is shown helping Felicity find out more about Ray's apparent "death." He offers to help her retrieve a message Ray Palmer left before he died, but she decides not to listen to it. Oliver confronts Lance about his involvement with Darhk with the two exchanging heated words. Lance, overwhelmed with everything going on around him, nearly kills Sara. Luckily, Laurel shows up and intervenes, promising that they would find a way to bring her soul back. The team is able to stop most of Lady Cop's men and Lance is able to convince her to surrender. Oliver meets with Thea who has organized his whole campaign for him bringing in people to work for him. Laurel goes down to bring Sara some food, but finds that she has escaped. Felicity takes Curtis's advice and listens to Ray's last voice recording. And back at the H.I.V.E. base, Damian is shown being given a box. Could that be tiny Ray Palmer in there?

The Action:

They stepped up their game in this episode. The fight scenes were great and were actually pretty lengthy. Here are a couple of stills of the team doing their thing. First let's look at the new Arrow base, isn't Cisco the man?

Detective Lance getting in on the action and fighting along with Team Arrow. That's something new.

Laurel's awesome Canary cry. We can all thank Cisco for that. She definitely needs to use that a lot more.

New Characters/Cameos:

Lady Cop - Being part of Lance's department, you would have thought that she would have gone easily. That wasn't the case though, and she nearly paralyzed Oliver. Her and her whole crew were fitted with some crazy equipment and almost got away, had it not been for Team Arrow and Lance's reasoning. Not bad for this anti-vigilante.

Character Interactions:

Team Arrow - working like a well oiled machine. Sure they still need to polish it up a little bit, but hey, they've got a cool new base now and are able to work together to stop the bad guys. Oliver and Diggle are cool now, Thea is somewhat normal and Laurel, she's got her own problems. Look at this team though.

The Lances - seeing someone come back from the dead is always unsettling, so it was only natural for Detective Lance to react that way when seeing Sarah. I have no idea what Laurel was thinking bringing her sister back to her place and stashing her in the basement, but it's going to have some crazy consequences later, I'm sure. The scenes with these three are emotional and you can't help but feel sorry for their situation.

Curtis and Felicity - Curtis is still trying to find out who the Green Arrow is while helping Felicity find out more about Ray's "death." When he tells her Ray left a message for her before he died and that she knew the password to unlock it, she decided not to open it. He tells her the story of his brother who died of cancer and how he wishes he could hear him one last time. This tugged on the heart strings a bit.

Oliver and Lance - Oliver and Lance seemed to get along for a bit this episode, with Oliver asking Lance to endorse him for Mayor. Lance was even invited to the Arrowcave where he gave the crew access to the restricted police network. They worked together to stop the bad guy and all was good until Oliver found out that Lance was working with Damian. That scene was so intense, it seemed so real. Amazing acting between the two. In the end though, they slowly made their way to an understanding, giving each other another chance. Look at that face.

Lance and Darhk - We know that Damian has his grip over Lance, but it looks like the tides may turn now that Oliver is working with him. Being the inside man for Team Arrow will give them the edge, but will Damian beat them to the punch? We will have to see.

Easter Eggs:

New 52 - While Oliver is giving his speech during his run for Mayor, the microphone is shown to be from channel 52 news. A similar thing was seen in the latest Flash episode.

Mr. Terrific- Curtis' choice of clothing had the colors of his comic book counterpart. Throw on a black leather jacket and a shaved head, you've got Mister Terrific a.k.a. Felicity's replacement.

Ray Palmer - He is definitely trying to contact Felicity and he is somewhere in the microverse. Tiny Ray is using his connection to his tech to reach out and it's all a matter of time until Curtis and Felicity put everything together. It's going to happen. It's got to.

What's to Come/Theories:

Oliver is shown to be calling John Constantine and it looks like he is going to be the one who returns Sarah and Thea to their normal states. He may even offer Oliver and the gang some knowledge to combat Damian. Some exciting stuff to look forward to.

Also, what's in the box? Ray's in the box.

Where are you at Ray? Great password.

Final Thoughts:

This episode was fantastic. From the action to the powerful performance of the cast, I have to say, another great episode for this season of Arrow. With each one it seems to gradually get better and if you don't think so well, okay then. What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below we'd love to read them!


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