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Rachel Metriyakool

We usually see up and coming stars appear in new TV shows and afterwards they make their way into blockbuster movies. But it seems to be the other way around for former Harry Potter star, Rupert Grint.

Rumors are going around that the former Harry Potter star has been casted as a character for a new NBC comic inspired series. No word on what the show is called but this is what Rupert may need to keep his career going strong without being associated with Harry Potter. A pilot has been picked up for the upcoming show which leaves good news for Grint as the untitled series was developed for Grint, who is a huge comic book fan.

According to Deadline, the NBC untitled series will follow the daring feat of a character named Rupert, who works in a boring office with an obsession for the comic book series, Imperial City, a comic created by his late father. For most of his life, he believed that he owned all nine issues until a mysterious collector reveals that there is a tenth issue. He soon discovers that world of Imperial City is real and he must save it.

In my opinion, I'm honestly excited for this series. Although there hasn't been any word on it yet, I'm excited to see Rupert Grint coming to television! Plus NBC is combining two of my favorite genres in TV: comics and fantasy with some action. I can't wait to hear more for this upcoming show and who else will be starring in the show.


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