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Adam Boshie Bosher

At this very moment I am about to play WWE 2K16 on Xbox 360 so as I'm playing I will be writing what it's like. Please enjoy.

OK so it’s turned on and the soundtrack is actual songs and not the wrestlers theme songs. So far the playlist is not as good as the previous game.

Here is a screenshot from the official WWE website of the soundtrack;

There are 120 superstars in total (including locked ones) and 13 Divas (female wrestlers). First impression wow they need more divas. There are 124 unlockables including superstars, belts, attires and arenas.

There are no new matches in one on one matches. So far looking at two on two there is only mixed, normal, tornado and elimination tag. In the Triple threat match there are only 7 match types and fatal four-there is one more than triple threat. All other match types are the same from other games.

I will be playing a match as Arnold as the Terminator 2 vs Cesaro. All the Buttons are the same from previous 2K games. I just also noticed there are two announce tables so that's good. I just used Arnold's signature and finisher and his signature is a punch that didn't even drop him and his finisher is the claw. His other signature is a knee to the face and other finisher is a Choke slam. I won the match.

Looking at the Match rules and settings they haven't changed that either.

I've also noticed the Wrestlemania looks nothing like the actual arena. Sadly I can't find photos of it so I can't show you.

I am now playing an extreme rules match with Fin Blaor against Hidio Atami and something I’ve been waiting for since Smackdown Vs Raw 2008. The guitar can take more than one hit! I just hit him like 15 times with it and still not broken!!! I broke it by DDTing him on it. There is new commentary so I don't hear the as 2K15. I'm pretty sure the ladder is bigger from 2K15 as well. I read that only the next gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) there is something new with the submission and pin.

submission on next gen concoles
submission on next gen concoles

I hope you enjoyed reading but that's it for now and I hope you like the game if you get it. :) I'm rating this 7/10 because it’s too similar to the previous game. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I’ll try answer them.


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