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Thanks Allanah for the hopeful words in our time of need.

He'd better make it out, Scott Gimple, or a lot of us are going to put a gun to OUR heads. Or stop watching all together. Which, for you, may be worse...

Believe it or not.... follow me here people... for many of us Glenn and Maggie are the foundation of this show. Their relationship is the only surviving good, clean and pure thing, Judith aside, holding The Walking Dead together. Glen and Maggie are the only ones left who can honestly say they have only done what they had to, and nothing more.

Many, me included, know nothing about the comic and are going to keep it that way until the TV show ends. For me personally that may be very soon now, like this Sunday. My wife has already pulled the plug, she didn't even watch the rest of the episode.

Rick, Carl, Judith, Daryl, Carol and the rest are Glen and Maggie's supporting cast.

Hershel's death was horrifying on it's own, but the double whammy of it's affect on Beth, Glen and Maggie was excruciating to behold.

We all wept tears of blood for Beth. Beth's death, while tragic and unnecessary, was rooted in Beth's furiously enforcing the group's core value. ...and who is it that verbalizes that core value in episode 501 to Rick?

“We gotta let those people out. That’s still who we are—it’s gotta be.”
-Glen Rhee

Under the grief for her loss, I was fiercely PROUD of Beth for going after Dawn to save Noah. Beth died knowing EXACTLY who she was, and proud of who she was.

We were proud of you, babygirl. So Say We All.

So let's get it straight:

...I'm simply NOT going to watch Maggie Green lose anybody else. I'M JUST NOT, IS THAT CLEAR? NOT ON MY WATCH. My heart can't take it.

If I could arm myself and 'mount up' to go insure that I won't have to watch that, or die trying...I would.

But I can't ...because it's "only" fiction.

I record every episode. I normally come home from work and watch the previous Sundays episode again, every evening, for missed details, until the next Sunday rolls around.

I simply cannot bring myself to watch this one again.

I'm 56. I gave myself a nose bleed and a migraine writing this. You're going to put me in the grave faster than a sea of walkers could, Scott... Many four letter words have been deleted. ...and I don't post online ...ever. I am a lurker only.

Internet people.... If Daryl dies you riot?!? ...Really? Who cares?

If Glen is dead, the show's over.


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