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Jamil Wright

With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) coming in just few months, here are 5 characters that I think just need to finally be put down once and for all.

5. Black Widow

First up we have Black Widow. I think Black Widow is a great character and brings a lot to the table, but with bigger threats coming after Civil War, I think it's too much for her to handle. Of course she could always just watch from the sidelines while all the heavy hitters do all the work, but from what we've seen from her character in the MCU so far, I don't see that happening so the best option I think would be to just finally put her to rest. We've seen her fight the Winter Soldier and an army of Ultron bots but is that really that impressive? With threats like Thanos coming along, I don't think Black Widow would be much help.

4. Hawkeye

Next we have Hawkeye. Much like Black Widow, I think Hawkeye's time has come. As I mentioned before, there are just too many big threats for this guy to handle. I mean think about it, what has Hawkeye really done to prove himself worthy of going up against someone like Thanos or any other big threat the MCU has planned for us? Not to mention he was easily beaten by Black Widow. He's pretty good at fighting weak armies but other than that Hawkeye hasn't really proven himself.

3. Falcon

Now we have Falcon. I know he's only been in two MCU movies so far but come on, what has Falcon really done to help out the Avengers or anyone else for that matter? He was beaten in Captain America: Winter Soldier (twice) and was also beaten by Ant-Man. Could Falcon really be of much help in the fight against Thanos or anyone else for that matter? From what we've seen I think it's safe to say the answer is no.

2. Iron Man

Now Iron Man has definitely contributed to the team many times but still, I think his time has come. He's fought hard from Iron Man all the way to fighting Ultron. I honestly think this guy needs a break and with another billionaire on the way I think putting Iron Man down for good wouldn't hurt that much.

1. Captain America

And finally we have Captain America. Now don't get me wrong Captain America is an amazing character in the MCU and without him it wouldn't be what it is at all but honestly, I think his time is up. He's actually supposed to die in Captain America: Civil War according to the comic but since we know that isn't happening, I think dying in Infinity Wars is the best option. Not to mention his scene with Thanos that I'm sure everyone is dying to see.


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