ByRick Maganga, writer at

Project Greenlight comes to a close with a more abridged season (cut from 13 to 8 episodes) and we can reflect on how much awesomeness we have witnessed over the last few weeks. Cutting the season order to 8 was a nice touch, tightening the narrative and trimming the bloat of the previous seasons. You got to the end of each episode exhausted and stressed.

Watching the process of filmmaking under a tight schedule and tight budgets with Emmy-bait channel HBO as a guide, you know that you're in for something great. It's amazing how a clash of egos and breakdowns in communication can make for such polarising and engaging television. In an age where social media has just blown up, this season of Project Greenlight ignited several conversations about race, gender and let's not forget, the process of filmmaking (film vs digital anyone?). Credibility at the door - shepherded by an Oscar-winning team featuring Batman himself and Jason Bourne, you know that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon would not lend their input to this project without insisting on quality first.

And quality we got with perfectionist galore Jason Mann. You loved him. Hated him. Hated loving him. And obviously loved hating him. With the premiere of his original film, "The Leisure Class" just a few sleeps away, here's hoping that the finished product is worth all the heartburn of the last two months. But here's also hoping this is a launching pad to bigger and greater things for the writer/director.

Effie Brown.....Effie Brown...Yes so influential this season she gets a double mention. Without Effie, there would be no to be done. One half of the glory team of Oscar-winning shepherds above was left on the defensive when Effie came steamrolling out of the gate with some hard truths about pushing for more ethnic diversity behind the camera and a fair representation of people of colour in front of it. Bring back Effie for the next season. Actually HBO will there be a new season? This rebooted season rocks!


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