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Demonic possession has long been central to the horror genre and the appeal of seeing spirits violently driven out in an otherworldly burst of convulsing and vomiting doesn't seem to have waned since the seminal and controversial classic, The Exorcist.

The spectacle of an exorcism is terrifying enough rendered in celluloid with actors, but now us ordinary folks will have the chance to witness a live exorcism for ourselves to see what the arcane and mysterious religious rite actually looks like... if we dare.

The house in question
The house in question

Exorcism: Live! will air at 9 p.m. ET this evening on Destination America and the two-hour telecast will see a clergyman and psychics from Ghost Asylum attempt to cleanse the suburban St. Louis home that helped inspire The Exorcist of evil spirits. According to various ghost hunters, the house is filled with a dark, sinister energy and producer Jodi Tovay insists there could be genuine risks. She spoke out to NDTV to explain:

"People have called it the biggest supernatural mystery in American history - so many tales that have come out of that house and still exist around it, so we almost had do something."

Just like in exorcism movies, the physical symptoms of possession are said to include nausea, scratches and super-human strength so a team of paramedics and police will be on stand by to deal with any injuries or unforeseen events.

Apparently, this can really happen
Apparently, this can really happen

Ever since the 1971 novel The Exorcist was published about the real life exorcism of a Maryland teenager known as Roland Doe who experienced a second exorcism in the St. Louis house, rumors have abounded that something evil still lurks there. According to Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures:

"It's waiting there to attack somebody else who is going to come in and let themselves open themselves up, so it can attach itself to that individual in our reality. That's what scares me more than anything."

While a lot of people remain skeptical about demonic possession, Bishop Long, the clergy member who will perform the exorcism is deathly serious about the subject, he explained:

"I'm not here to prove that demons exist. I am here to help families who know they do. I know for a fact that demonic possession exists, I know that without question. If I didn't know, I would be doing something else."

Bishop James Long
Bishop James Long

While viewers at home might be far away from the action, there will be cameras live streaming directly from all areas of the house online so spooky sightings can be reported on Twitter and reviewed by the experts.

It's probably a lot safer to be watching from the comfort of your own couch too, Bishop Long has warned viewers that:

"I can't guarantee anyone's safety when I walk into this place. We're going against a demonic entity."

(Source: NDTV)


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