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Ho…ho…hoooray! Everyone’s favorite morally bankrupt Santa Claus will return to our screens after a 12 year hiatus! It has been confirmed Billy Bob Thornton will return for Bad Santa 2.

Christmas has come early for fans of the original Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob as Willie Soke, a profanity rich, chain smoking, drunk criminal who uses the guise of Santa to rob people blind. See some of the funniest clips below:

The dark comedy received positive reviews following its release, and grossed $76.5 million worldwide.

Oscar winner Billy Bob wouldn’t even let his own children watch the original, due to Willie’s ‘interesting’ vocabulary and questionable behavior. Speaking of the role, Billy Bob said:

"If you're going to play a guy like this, you can't be sort of drunk, you know? And I wasn't sort of drunk. You have to go completely into it. I love children, I'm crazy about them, but I had to ignore that fact and play the part.”

Speaking of the announcement, Zanne Devine of Miramax (who is co-producing the film with Broad Green Pictures) said:

“We’ve been waiting far too long to see Billy Bob’s Willie Soke mess with the holiday season in his own unique way.”

Filming will begin in January next year, and will be released for the 2016 festive season.

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