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You wouldn't think that it's dangerous to shoot movies and TV shows, what with all the safety regulations and the precautionary measures taken that account for everything that could potentially go wrong on set. Of course, this doesn't mean that bad things don't sometimes happen.

In these 11 cases below, some accidents went down and they were really scary, and in some cases near fatal.

Take a look below!

1. Gilligan's Island was a fun show but it had a scary moment

If you're a Nick at Nite fan or you're old, you probably know about Gilligan's Island and the "three hour tour" gone awry. Bob Denver, the star of the show, was almost mauled by a lion when he tried to barricade himself from a lion inside Mr. and Mrs. Howell's hut not realizing the lion was actually in there. Apparently, the lion made a run at Denver and the lion trainer had to tackle it in mid air to spare Denver's life.

2. Michael J. Fox passed out for 30 seconds while filming 'Back to the Future Part 3'

In the film, there was a stunt where Michael J. Fox had to put a noose around his neck. He miscalculated it, though, and ended up passed out for a frighteningly long 30 seconds.

3. Brady Bunch roller coaster problems

In the episode 'The Cincinnati Kids,' the cast was riding a roller coaster (as you can see above). The camera that was mounted at the front of the coaster looked loose, according to Robert Reed who plays Mike Brady. They did a test run to alleviate Reed's fears, and it went flying off. If they had filmed with that camera, it could have very easily injured or killed the cast.

4. Aaron Paul (Jesse from 'Breaking Bad') almost got Broken Bad

In the first season of Breaking Bad, a giant rock that was sitting on top of an RV was blown off by a sudden gust of wind. It landed on the spot where Aaron Paul had been standing mere seconds earlier. Luckily for Paul, he had just asked the director if he could shoot his take from al alternate spot.

5. Matthew Fox, a.k.a. Jack from 'Lost' was stabbed by a real knife that was supposed to be collapsible in a scene

The star of the ABC show Lost, that would later go on to become a cult-classic was stabbed by Terry O'Quinn with a real knife during a fight scene. In a mistake that probably shouldn't have ever happened (if we're being honest), Fox was stabbed by a real knife instead of a collapsible one. The only thing that helped the actor from straight up dying was the fact that he was wearing a protective vest that the stunt coordinator was adamant on him wearing. Smart man.

6. Chevy Chase was nearly electrocuted on 'Modern Problems'

In the 1981 film, Chevy Chase, while dreaming that he was an airplane was wearing faux "landing lights." One of them short-circuited and it nearly electrocuted him to death. He was knocked unconscious.

7. Ian Somerhalder was nearly put to death during 'Vampire Diaries,' Eek

This one is kind of vague as the details of the situation are still slightly unclear. According to Somerhalder's co-star Nathaniel Buzolic, "something didn't work" during a dramatic fight scene between him and Somerhalder, and that malfunction nearly cost the latter actor his life.

8. Isla Fisher was legit drowning but her 'Now You See Me' cast mates thought she was just delivering an awesome performance

During one of the magic trick scenes, Isla Fisher's chain got caught while she was in a fish tank for a scene, and many thought her struggling was just her acting ability shining through. She was kept underwater for about three minutes. Luckily, a stuntman realized what had happened and helped Fisher resurface using a quick release switch.

9. Halle Berry slammed her head into some cement and was knocked out cold on the set of 'The Call'

While filming The Call, Halle Berry fell and slammed her head against a concrete floor. She was knocked out cold, and was rushed to a hospital where she recovered.

10. Johnny Depp almost got merked by a horse

On the set of Lone Ranger (a pretty regrettable movie), Johnny Depp was nearly trampled by a horse after being dragged. Truly scary stuff.

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