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It's not often you see an eminent director admit his movies were flawed, even in the face of fan outcry. Usually, the filmmakers can wade through a bad box office or rotten reviews with some planned PR statements, sticking by their creation no matter the overwhelming opinion.

Sam Raimi, however, has been surprisingly open about the one film that caused him the most grief. Between its Emo Spidey, spontaneous dance scenes, and an overabundance of villains, you already know I'm talking about Spider-Man 3.

Sorry, Peter.

Discussing Ash vs. Evil Dead with The Week, Raimi talked a little bit about his superhero trilogy and confesses that it got a bit off the rails. Even better, he says he would be willing to return for the new Spider-Man reboot with Tom Holland!

I messed up on the third one. I think they're so complete now, Marvel. They probably don't need me anymore. But if they needed me? I'd love to. It's great to be wanted.

Honestly, I'm a huge fan of Sam Raimi's style, and I think he really effectively balanced Spidey's humor with memorable action scenes (at least in the first two movies). I doubt Marvel would want to return to someone that has already had a chance with the webslinger, but Raimi has definitely found success there before.

(Source: The Week)


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