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Go Further Interstellar with Christopher Nolan, Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway only on HBO India. Catch the film first time on TV as it premieres as Diwali Blockbuster of the Month.

Come and celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama after years of self-imposed exile. Spend this Diwali by reliving the past with the new-age God of Hollywood cinema, Christopher Nolan who takes you on a journey through wormholes that reach space. Latest on the block is Interstellar, science fiction movie and blockbuster of the month coming up with a double premiere on the eve of this festival of lights.

It is the day when there would be a battle between time and emotions playing hide-and-seek with each other. Nolan has a moral of the story with this film that says necessity is the mother of invention. When the survival is threatened, we look for ways to protect our existence. Sometimes the director seems a throwback or an offspring of Stanley Kubrick or Steven Spielberg and sometimes one-of-his-kind born genius.

Story Runs Fast Here

A movie pro known for creating spine-chilling sequences cannot be asked for more. He gives a new meaning to the catchphrase, Till Death Do Us Part because time and situation can make a difference. Time waits for none and every relationship takes a backseat when it consumes reality. The humans who wanted to touch stars end up worrying about their subsistence while living in the dirt.

The fictitious representation paints a real picture of the fact that the filmmakers are getting frustrated over narrowing down ambitions of larger-than-life cinema. Space calling for Joseph Cooper (Mathew McConaughey), a NASA pilot and Dr. Amelia (Anne Hathaway), a scientist, who join her father and the NASA Physicist, Dr. Brand (Michael Caine) on a mission to leave the world for a new place in the universe. And the path goes through a wormhole adjacent to a Saturn moon which lets open a way to planets where prospects for mankind to flourish can be high.

That is So Nolan

The climax has been woven around Murphy (Jessica Chastain), daughter of Cooper who has grown up to be a 23-year-old to give a proper ending to this fantasy tale. She suffers through time shifts while dreaming of a reunion with a father she cares for. In this flick, spontaneity and imagination take over the space odyssey captured through the lens in a 70mm IMAX format. There are two stories that run like conjoined twins when one rushes with light-speed and another trying to maintain the normal composure and in the process, strike the perfect balance with each other.

This intelligent space exploration epic had brains and hearts put into it till a living soul was born. Metaphysical in appearance, the film depicts the complicated concepts of quantum physics and love that together create such a cosmic effect by which relationships are washed up on the shore and the characters stare at one another from a distance.

Catch the whole action live in the Hollywood Blockbuster Movie of the month that premieres on HBO India at its scheduled time. Do not miss the train.


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