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With my time at PAX Aus 2015 finally come to an end, it's now time to reflect on all the awesome things that developers, large and small, had to display. And there's no better start than to run down to Vault 111 to see what Bethesda Game Studios brought to the show! Paul, from the Australian Bethesda office, gave gamers an insight into what cool stuff we can expect to see in both Doom and Fallout 4. So grab your Power Armor and stomp on a few demons, let's look at what Bethesda Game Studios is working on!

Stepping Back into Hell with Doom

The triumphant return to Doom!
The triumphant return to Doom!

The Bethesda presentation opened up with the Doom trailer, setting gamers up for the triumphant return of the FPS classic in either April, May or June 2016. Paul highlighted that that the key thing for the Doom remake will be getting back to the FPS roots established by id Software.

Doom will feature relentless forward movement, endless guns, and always having something coming at you.

Another feature raised at the Bethesda presentation was the introduction of SnapMap, which will allow players to create new multiplayer maps easily. The awesome thing about SnapMap is that players won't have to leave the game in order to create maps - you simply navigate to the map editor, create a new map, and then upload to the servers!

All this creativity without leaving the game!
All this creativity without leaving the game!

Concluding the Doom section of the Bethesda presentation was the Doom Alpha footage, where gamers got the chance to see some features of multiplayer. Although it functions just like the original Doom did, Bethesda have introduced 'glory kills', which allow players to literally rip their opponents apart for more points. Talk about overkill!

Stepping Out of Vault 111 with Fallout 4

Power Armor? Check! Dogmeat? Check!
Power Armor? Check! Dogmeat? Check!

Now moving on to the most anticipated part of the Bethesda presentation, Fallout 4! Although Paul wasn't allow to go into more detail about the story or gameplay of Fallout 4, he did get to give gamers a little more detail about the development focus of Fallout 4. He highlighted that id Software, the kings of first person shooters (FPS), has partnered up with Bethesda Game Studios in order to redevelop the FPS mechanics of Fallout 4. This means that there will be an overall improvement to how guns handle in the game, which will add to the overall gameplay experience.

Furthermore, if you love to mod games, but don't play them on PC, then have no fear! Fallout 4 will have their creation kit available for consoles as well as PC. So whether you're on Xbox One or PS4, you'll be able to mod to your heart's content!

Well, Super Soldiers and Vault Dwellers, all this talk of Doom and Fallout 4 has me excited to get my hands on both, and check out all the hard work that Bethesda Game Studios has poured into these games! Whether it's fighting Deathclaws in the Wasteland, or demons in Hell, only one thing is certain - you're going to have loads of fun!


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