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This is probably a follow up to one of my earlier posts that hinted out a few things that might take place in The Incredibles 2, for why else would they have ended the first movie with suspense? Something new and exciting to be kept a secret, or did they just run out of ideas? No way! It's a classic which even Fantastic Four movies have got nothing on. The worst part then is that it's been delayed all the way till 2019 (wouldn't have been a first call), Toy Story 3 had the same type of thing during its making. I'm pretty sure most people hate the fact that The Incredibles sequel won't be popping up anytime soon but what if I told you, there's this one character right from the Incredibles movie that doesn't approve of this overdue?

Pixar be like "Yeah, remember the first movie that we made in 2004 that featured an ensemble storyline with all the wit, humor, excitement and style one would expect in an actual comic book movie, yet ended with suspense teasing another possible movie in the future." Everyone be like "I'M SO HYPED FOR IT

...Is it there yet?

...I'm starting to lose my patience

...Just release it already!

...You gotta be kidding me!"

And now here they are with a final decision of releasing it in 2019, what they once started in 2004.

That's not all that's troublesome, remember the game that released several years ago, what if they decided to do something different with the movie or undertake the same thing which most of us already know about? Thanks again, Pixar!

I do have my sincere faith in Brad Bird and Pixar but there's no denying that they're in for some serious overtime! What do you think?


Is 2019 the longest overdue for the Incredibles sequel?


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