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When it comes to movies that are meant to be enjoyed by the who family, it's most likely for many of us to pick something classic like Toy Story, or a musical like Frozen, or maybe something to give you the giggles like Despicable Me.

Now whatever it is, it's sure to bring you and your family the pleasure of sitting around together with a large bowl of popcorn enjoying a movie. Now some may come to a situation where we've all ready seen all of the possible suggested 'family movies' and we have no idea what to watch next!

Everyone panics and someone will suggest a Pixar movie and someone else will want a rom com and that's when the appocalyse starts. But fear not, here are three marvel movies that are meant to be watched by the family and can save you a day of everyone arguing on what to watch!


The idea always felt weird to most viewers (including myself) that ants will be the main theme of this upcoming hero, but fans who read the comics and knew what to expect were pretty excited in fact. Now, after the movie came out it was told that they may of not stuck to his exact origin from the comics, but we can all agree the movie was awesome nevertheless.

Staring the witty and hilarious Paul Rudd, who charms the viewer with his adaptation of Ant-Man is able to please fans by proving them wrong, because he did a superb job as playing Ant-Man. Let him charm you and your family away.

The Avengers

Call it The Avengers or Avengers Assemble, let's not argue on the fact that it raised the bar for Marvel movies. A team up of earth mightiest heroes and some of our favorites, who wouldn't want to see them in action?

The movie is so much fun and that's why it should be watched with the family! It's so fun and action packed, there's humor from time to time and let's not start on how long we've waited to see all of these characters in one movie!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Let's no hide from the fact that we expected this to come out as a disappointment. We can blame the trailers or the synopsis given, but overall the film didn't feel like something we would class in the superhero genre, but most of us still went to watch it and we turned that frown upside down.

It was a surprise to viewers and something special, with the theme of it being in space didn't get our attention and till we actually saw it. It was refreshing because we came to a point where we wanted something different and James Gun gave us something that isn't the usual action packed film, but instead we were given a sc-fi movie based on loveable complex characters who eventually become a team. It's a visual treat which is guaranteed to make you laugh at one point or another.

What was your favorite family movie? Or what was your favorite Marvel movie? Let me know in the comment section below!


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