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Pokémon Z has been an absolute wasp's nest of rumours over the past couple months, what with the CoroCoro leaks, the Pokémon XY & Z anime, the hints towards the Eternal Flower Floette, the unveiling of Zygarde's forms and all the theories surrounding that, not to mention the weird Ash-Greninja which is apparently a thing now.

The Pokémon XY & Z anime premiered in Japan last night, featuring Ash Ketchum (Satoshi), Bonnie (Eureka) and Clemont (Citron) and Serena discovering a mysterious [Pokémon](tag:2538552) (spoiler: it's a Zygarde cell) which they end up protecting from a mysterious team (spoiler: it's Team Flare) who are pursuing the Pokémon.

New Badges?

It was always certain that fans were going to be scouring the new episodes of the anime for clues pertaining to what we can expect to see in the upcoming, but not yet officially announced, Pokemon Z.

So during the premiere episode Ash & co come across Sawyer (Shōta), their friendly rival from XY Kalos Quest whilst trying to outwit Team Flare and keep them from capturing Zygarde. There's a scene where Ash and Sawyer compare gym badges, and in Sawyer's case there's three badges which differ from Ash's, ones that we've never seen before.

Looking at them it seems pretty obvious that the red and blue badges denote Fire and Water type respectively, but the last one looks like it could be either Flying or Fairy type. The order placement seems to suggest that the Fire-type gym would be the first encountered, which would mark the first time a starter type Pokémon trainer has been the opening opponent in-game (the changeable Black/White excluded).

As for the third badge, whilst the popular opinion is that it denotes a Flying-type gym I think it's more likely to be that of the Fairy-type. Fairy is still a relatively new addition to the Pokémon roster so there's plenty of other options they could move forward with on that type. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll have to get rid of Valerie (the Laverre City Gym leader), it could just be a new gym/new badge design.

Does this Mean We'll See New Gyms Introduced In Pokémon Z?

Of course it's all still conjecture at this stage, just because there's unidentified badges in the anime doesn't mean that they'll show up in the game. However given the titling of the anime, and the fact that the show does usually losely tie in with the 3DS games this could be a roundabout sneak preview hinting towards new gyms and gym leaders being introduced in Pokémon Z.

Regardless, it's more information that we've been given by Nintendo anyway, as we continue to wait for an official comment on Pokémon Z's content and release date.

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