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It may not have been the Friends reunion many fans were seeking, but that didn't stop the little shriek of excitement we slipped out when hearing that Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox were reuniting for an episode of Celebrity Name Game.

Playing a round of the CBS TV gameshow, Phoebe and Monica were additionally enlisted to help host Craig Ferguson out with his pretty cringeworthy pick-up lines. Although he claims he has “still got game” and is “still closing with the ladies,” the line “You know my dad was a mail carrier?” proves otherwise.

Speaking to EW earlier this year, Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman let us know that a proper reunion is probably not in the cards. As sad as that sounds, it's probably a good thing and eliminates the risk of destroying a beautiful memory.

“Someone asks me every day [about a reunion]. I don’t get upset. I understand that people want to relive that. But you can’t relive that. We can’t go back to that time in our lives. And I’d rather have people’s memory of that be really wonderful than people going, ‘Oh, he doesn’t look good.’ That would be bad.”


“And let’s be honest. Reunions generally suck.”

True dat!

Source: EW, Huffington Post


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