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By now, we all know of the powerhouse that is Marvel Studios. Even non-comic book fans have started to take notice as superhero films have started to invade popular culture. Marvel Studios has made itself a household name, and branded that name as a company that not only makes comic book movies, but also produces quality films. After almost a decade of the Marvel/Disney team up asserting their dominance at the box office year after year, it appears as though a challenger has arisen.

That challenger is none other than the team of DC and Warner Brothers. With films such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad dominating movie related news headlines on a, what seems to be, weekly basis, it appears as though Marvel Studios has finally found a formidable foe. As the two studios clash in a head to head match-up to claim our movie-going souls (and our wallets) I have found that fans of the genre have gotten caught up in the feud as well. The fight has pit brother against brother, and friend against friend in an all out civil war among the nerd community. While all fans may have not yet taken sides, it appears as though a phenomena, which occurs in many areas of our society, has started to divide movie lovers and it all begs the question: Why can't we like both?

In all seriousness, this "one or the other" mentality is evident in many social circles, and it is a concept that has always evaded my understanding. So, please excuse me, and feel free to play War's "Why Can't We Be Friends," as I veer into this brief rant.

I am certainly not preaching to everyone, as I know I am not the only person that sees merit on both sides of the fence, but I do feel as though a rise of fanboys and fangirls across the internet have forced many into taking sides on various issues. Whether it be, Democrats and Republicans, Star Wars and Star Trek, Harry Potter and Twilight, Mac and PC, Xbox and Playstation, cats and dogs, and now, Marvel and DC, I have witnessed debates between two parties in which fanatics carry the torch for their views and fire shots at the others.

I, like most of you I assume, find that my political views do not all necessarily fall in line with one party, and likewise, I do not enjoy only one type of film. While I praise Marvel for being creative and innovative with each passing endeavor, I do realize that their overarching tone has been fairly consistent since the inception of the MCU. In fact, DC and Warner Brothers have called Marvel Studios out on this fact and have decided to go with a more mature theme for their slate of comic book films.

Instead of criticizing, fans should be praising DC and Warner Brothers for offering fans something new. Instead of taking sides, we should be salivating at the idea of getting twice as many superhero films. If we are truly fans of the genre, then DC throwing its respective hat into the ring can mean nothing but good for the future of the comic book movies.

I embrace debate but at the end of the day, competition brings out the best in both sides. We have seen fantastic movies from both DC and Marvel Studios so far, but I believe that the best films of the genre have yet to come.


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