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"Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist" - four words which describe Iron Man perfectly. Thanks to Robert Downey Jr.'s awesome portrayal of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we're all quite familiar with this iconic character. People have often wondered how much it would actually cost to be Iron Man. Well the good news is, I have the answer!

The following infographic will show you how much would it actually cost to become famous superhero.

The Suit

The Iron Man suits contain a huge arsenal of weapons, including several types of guns and missiles. After adding up the costs of all the features of the suit, it totals to about $110.3 million.

The Technology

Highly advanced technology and destructive weaponry in his suits is what makes Tony Stark the Invincible Iron Man. The Arc Reactor, which sustains him and powers all the suits comes at a cost of $36 million, while creating the advanced computer system to control the suits would cost around $55 million. Comparatively, the actual weaponry costs a mere $2 million.

The Computer

Of course, you can't be Iron Man without the trustworthy artificial intelligence JARVIS at your side! That would cost another $10 million to create. On the plus side, JARVIS will do almost anything, so it's totally worth it.


Every superhero needs a house or base of operations. In this case, it's Tony Stark's house, where all the suits are stored. This ultra-modern residence doesn't come cheap; it will set you back a cool $25 million.

The Cars

Of course. What kind of billionaire superhero would you be if you didn't have a few cool sports cars!? You can't just book a cab attend parties and such... can you? Well, considering the fact that you're a billionaire, you could probably buy a taxi company... but seriously. It looks cool. And fast cars are awesome. In Tony Stark's case throughout the Iron Man movies, the cars would cost you about $3.4 million.

The Suits

If you know anything about Iron Man (from either the movies or the comics), you know that he has multiple suits, not just one. Each suit has a unique ability, and is better than the previous one. Tony Stark came a long way from designing a clunky old suit in a cave, captured by terrorists (hence the $0 cost for Mark I) to War Machine, The Hulkbuster, and such.

The suits add up to a total of nearly $1.465 billion, by far the most expensive thing to become Iron Man.

Adding all of it up, you get a grand total of...

About $1.6 billion. However, considering Tony Stark is approximately worth $9.4 billion (not including the worth of Stark Industries), he still has a small fortune left in his pocket.

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