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Do you remember the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game? It let you be in the helm of some of the more iconic vehicles in the Star Wars franchise like the X-Wing, the Speeder Bike, and my personal favorite, the Snowspeeder. The Hoth level was my absolute jam and when I was a kid I always wanted a Snowspeeder all of my own. Well, I'll just have to live vicariously through 8-year old Jeremy who now has a Speederbike of his own for Halloween thanks to his crafty dad.

Photo: Ryan Scott Miller
Photo: Ryan Scott Miller

Being in a wheelchair hasn't stopped Jeremy from being awesome. Even with his spina bifida he's still very active and plays a couple of sports. For this year's Halloween, his dad, Ryan, decided to build him a costume of epic proportions to match his awesomeness. The Speederbike has working flaps and its guns even shoot glow in the dark Nerf darts! Here's a video of the costume in action.

Everyone else can go home now because Jeremy just won all of Halloween. This isn't the first time Jeremy's dad has gone big for Halloween. In previous years, Ryan has built his son everything from a Batmobile, to a TIE fighter, and even a pirate ship. All I have to say is big ups to Jeremy for having a great costume and major props to his dad for putting in so much work for his son.

Source: CNET and IMGUR


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