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After three weeks of pretty constant walker action, things really went in a different direction when showrunner (and writer of this week's episode). Scott Gimple threw an extended flashback episode of The Walking Dead in the mix.

Episode 3, titled 'Here's Not Here' allowed audiences to finally see where it was that Morgan had been since Rick, Michonne and Carl met up with him in Season 3, episode 12. The episode concept was very interesting, starting off with Morgan in the present ("now") talking to an unknown person, before launching into an extended flashback ("then"), and finally tying the whole thing back together (or forming a circle, as Eastman might say) by revealing that the person Morgan was telling his story to was the Wolf who he had knocked out (not killed as had been theorized) at the end of episode 2.

Though the episode was low-key, it revealed something fans have been wanting to know ever since we saw Morgan again at the start of Season 5, and allowed us to empathize more with his decision not to kill people anymore. Plenty of other things happened in the episode, but check out these 5 things you (might) have missed in The Walking Dead 'Here's Not Here':

1. Eastman was right

Morgan holds Judith in episode 1 of Season 6
Morgan holds Judith in episode 1 of Season 6

After Morgan tells Eastman about the family he lost, opening up a floodgate of emotion, Eastman makes Morgan go through his aikido forms. As Eastman corrects his poses, he quietly tells him that he's "gonna hold a baby again." As you might remember, Morgan did indeed hold a baby again, when he met up with Rick and holds baby Judith.

Morgan remembers Eastman's words
Morgan remembers Eastman's words

Remember that big grin and chuckle Morgan gives after Rick asks if he wants to hold Judith? It was him remembering his mentor's promise (while he just happened to be cleaning his aikido staff using Eastman's cloth as well!).

2. We saw many of the items in this episode before

Eastman with his daughters lucky rabbit foot
Eastman with his daughters lucky rabbit foot

Back in Season 5, episode 8 audiences were excited to see Morgan still following the trail of Rick and the gang, when he arrived in Father Gabriel's church some time after the gang had left. When Morgan entered the church he prayed at the altar, laying down a weird assortment of items before he did so.

After watching 'Here's Not Here,' those weird items and their importance suddenly make complete sense. After leaving Eastman's cabin, Morgan made sure he took one of Eastman's beloved Googoo Clusters, his daughter's lucky rabbit's foot, and also the single bullet that the couple Morgan spared gave him (there was also a can of food on the altar, but it wasn't the same can of food that the couple in the forest had given him).

You may also remember that we saw the rabbit's foot, and also Eastman's copy of The Art of Peace in Season 6, episode 1 during a flashback scene, which I wrote about over here.

3. Morgan met his own Crighton Dallas Wilton

Earlier in the episode we heard the chilling tale of the one truly evil person that Eastman had ever met, a man by the name of Crighton Dallas Wilton. Later in the the episode we found out that after Wilton killed Eastman's whole family, Eastman captured him and proceeded to starve the man to death over 47 days.

At the end of the episode, it appeared that Morgan realized he too had met a truly evil person, when after telling his whole backstory to the Wolf, the man responded by promising the following if he should live:

I'm am going to have to kill you Morgan. I'm going to have to kill every person here, every one of them, the children too -- Just like your friends Eastman's children. Those are the rules. That's my code. I'd say I'm sorry, but you said it, right? Don't ever be sorry.

Morgan then left the Wolf inside the cell, and locked the door before running off. While we can't be 100% sure, it certainly looks like Morgan is taking one more leaf from Eastman's book and locking the man inside the cell to die, despite the fact that he could probably help him with the help of Denise and medicine (the Wolf seemed to have an infected cut, rather than a walker bite which could be totally survivable). I guess we'll find out in episodes to come.

4. We know Rick's fate

Morgan hears Rick in episode 4
Morgan hears Rick in episode 4

At the end of episode 3 last week, audiences were left to watch as Rick desperately tried to start the RV as it was slowly swarmed with walkers. While we didn't see Rick (or any of the main cast except Morgan) this week, we heard him right at the end of the episode as he yelled for people to open the gates to Alexandria, something which was confirmed by closed captioning, and also the The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page :

Thanks Joshua:Andrew/Rick was seen filming at the Gin/Safe Zone with a bunch of walkers. He was running and yelling '...

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Monday, 15 June 2015

This is pretty significant because it further confirms how much of this season is taking place in just one day (or perhaps even one afternoon?), and also clears up the possibility of Rick being killed by the horde of walkers swarming the RV.

5. Figurative and literal doors and gates were continually referred to

Major props to Redditor Gizah21 who noticed that the whole episode has constant referrals to gates and doorways. When Eastman first meets Morgan, he talks about how Morgan had been going through the same door in his mind, time after time, but that eventually one of those doors would lead out. Following his speech he then told Morgan that his cell door had been open the whole time, proving that the whole time that Morgan was locked in a cell in his own mind more than anything else, something that was confirmed by Morgan kicking the door closed when Eastman opened it.

The end of the episode also had a significant door, which showed Morgan's transformation when he locked it, keeping the Wolf inside and away from the others. Gizah21 wrote that it signified that "some individuals can't escape that mentality and are "locked" in," pretty deep, right? And finally of course, the entire episode ends with Rick yelling in the background to "open the gate." Nicely done, Walking Dead.

Bonus: RIP Tabitha

Tabitha the goat.
Tabitha the goat.

You definitely didn't miss this but RIP Tabitha, while Eastman may never have gotten the cheese he wanted from your milk, you still did good.

Episode 5 of The Walking Dead will air on Sunday, November 8th on AMC.


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