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Let's just be honest here. As much as I think that Patty Spivot and Barry Allen are about to become the most adorable couple on television, one question still bugged me about the most recent Season 2 episode of the CW's hit show The Flash. That question is, "Where was Jay Garrick?" The reason I am so confused, is that up to this point, Jay has been a pretty major character on the show, and in the previous episode - after completing the speed cannon - the possibility of his return to Earth-2 was discussed. However, it was agreed that he would remain here until Zoom had been captured. That being said, there has to be a reason why he did not appear in the latest episode. Now, I'm sure that the reason in real-life is that there wasn't a way to work him into the storyline and they didn't feel like giving Teddy Sears a bigger paycheck for an extra shoot. But what about the context of the show? Obviously, if something serious had happened, the other characters would have alluded to it in some way. However, since Jay is neither seen nor stated to be in any kind of danger, it is likely that there is nothing major going on. But what are some theories about where he was? These are just a few.

He Was Checking Out Leads on the Metahumans

Jay with Sand Demon
Jay with Sand Demon

We know that Cisco and Doctor Stein determined that 52 breaches exist in Central City (can anyone say "New 52?"). Now, what if Jay is out tracking down possible leads on exactly which Metahumans from his world Zoom has brought to wreak havoc on Barry? It would certainly account for his conspicuous absence in the episode, and would definitely be a plausible explanation within the context of the show. But here's an alternative that is equally plausible...

He Was Working on the Speed Cannon

The breach which spawned the speed cannon
The breach which spawned the speed cannon

Yes, I realize that the Speed Cannon was completed in the previous episode, but that doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon. I mean Quark Matter is some pretty complicated and science-y stuff. I'm sure there are constant adjustments that need to be made to keep the Speed Cannon from destabilizing, and who better to play babysitter to an inter-dimensional portal than Jay? But perhaps the most likely theory?

He Went Out to Lunch and Took the Day Off

Jay proved last episode that even speedsters share a madness that afflicts many of us: A weakness for fast food. Yes, not even Earth-2's Flash can resist the call of a hot, greasy burger and over-salted french fries. Jay, trust me. It's not all it's cracked up to be. I know because I work at a fast food restaurant.

But what do you guys think? Where is Jay?


Where is Jay Garrick?


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