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This week Heroes Reborn delivered again a great episode picking up right after the events of "Game Over".

Saying that Heroes Reborn was perfect since the start would be a lie but since two weeks the show seems to finally have find the right pace. It translated by a really more focused story and reveals more or less expected.

This week we finally learned what happened during the Odessa summit and a lot of things happened. Claire is definitely dead but a big twist revealed that Tommy/Nathan and Melina are in fact her twin children ! That's something I would have never expected and it was a great reveal helping understand why they are so important. Hiro had to send them back in the past to save them from the clutches of Erica.

The return of Angela and her visions allowed to understand the importance of Claire's children and now the big question is who's the father ? Aside from that we know Tim Kring couldn't bring back Hayden Panettiere and the writers had to find a way to get her out of the picture. So they come up with a stroke, not really convincing if you want my opinion. Then, at the morgue the body was conveniently covered with a sheet just so we could see her hair. Noah wanted to be sure but he didn't even lift the sheet. It's not a big deal but it was a little disturbing at the moment.

Playing with time is a dangerous thing as we were continuously reminded. The Odessa's explosion seemed inevitable despite Noah's knowledge. As Hiro said "there's too many butterflies" and every change they made would have had even more bad consequences for the future. It was tough to admit but Oka's performance really helped seal the deal. It is always hard to think that everything Noah and Hiro did that day already happened. It's a like a loop: things are meant to happen one way despite everything you do to change it. However, I feel like Noah change something. When we see Tommy near the end, he says "I'm ready". This phrase don't look like the Tommy we know, a kid who doesn't who he is and what's his purpose. I don't know how the writers will handle this change but we'll see.

This episode was also the occasion to see Luke and a far more likable Joanne during the Odessa summit with their son. You know I have issues with Joanne - a lot actually - but Judith Shekoni delivered a really good performance, in total opposition with her present character. I never really connected with their story, and this flashback was the opportunity to rediscover them as real persons. We saw a little bit of that in Luke but it's something new with Joanne.

Also, no Carlos in this episode. It's logical because his story would have been totally irrelevant with what's happening. I'm not complaining, far from it because I'm not invested in his story.

June 13th - Part 1 was a really compelling episode with a lot of momentum. We got most of the answers we were waiting for and the pieces are almost fully assembled. From Casper "Penny Man" to Molly, almost every role is defined. With now almost all the information in hand, the show can now move forward in his story with the second part next week.


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