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I applaud the creators of this prequel, it's good to see a good idea come together, The Walking Dead is a much loved horror series, but it does lack that certain a beginning!!!

We the fans finally get to see more of how this virus got a leg hold to begin with, and how both the civilians and the military coped with this horrendous disaster and how it got so out of hand.... i liken this version to a physiological thriller..a thinking mans zombie flick rather than your traditional guts, gore mayhem zombie fest or feast to be precise. Giving us the chance to get to know the characters more in depth, and a chance to follow this tale on a more sedate take it easy ride on this fearful road.

Also, some people have complained that the zombies are not as freaky and rotten as in the original, well they have to bare in mind that by the walking dead, the corpses have been stagnating in the sun a little longer, where as in the fear walking dead, the zoms are as fresh as daisy's still, so apart from a few rips and tares (and of course bites) they shouldn't look to different from their living, fans, give it time, and a few blowflies......and they'll soon be the rotten, smelly zombies we all know and love.


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