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Scientology is getting some real negative press recently. We've all known about Tom Cruise's adherence to the religion for a while, but Leah Remini's recent debunking of her former religion has really caused a stir. If her accusations turn out to have any validity then the Church of Scientology could be in real trouble; I guess we'll find out when her book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, is released.

The Church of Scientology is a modern religion, many of whose activities remain shrouded in mystery. But with the Church's habit of recruiting wealthy and high-profile members, what celebrities are really Scientologists?

I've compiled a list of celebrities who subscribe to the Church of Scientology, some of which might surprise you!

1. Laura Prepon

It seems Scientology does have some big names in their ranks, including Laura Prepon, star of Orange is the New Black. Apparently, the former That '70s Show actress was brought into the fold by her former boyfriend, Danny Masterson.

2. Danny Masterson

Okay, I might have spoiled this one in the trailers, but yes it seems that Danny Masterson -- formerly known as Stephen Hyde in That '70s Show, is a Scientologist. That, and he converted his former girlfriend Laura Prepon to the cause.

3. Christopher Masterson

No '90s kid will need me to introduce Christopher Masterson, who played Malcolm's delinquent older brother in hit show Malcolm in the Middle. Yes, it seems Christopher Masterson was raised a Scientologist along with his brother, Danny.

4. Nancy Cartwright

You might not recognize her, but Nancy has been a huge star for decades. So... even the iconic voice behind Bart from The Simpsons has embraced Scientology. In fact, she supposedly used to use her famous voice for the benefit of her religion by making cold calls... well, at least she played to her strengths, I suppose.

5. Will Smith

Okay, so will Smith Has never officially confirmed his allegiance to the Church of Scientology, however Will and his wife have reportedly donated millions to the Church over the years. He does, however, claim that he just has a lot of friends in the institution.

6. Kirstie Alley

Not only is Cheers actress Kirstie Alley a Scientologist, but she's also the chief celebrity who has come out against Leah Remini's debunking of Scientology. It's safe to assume Alley didn't appreciate former Scientologist Remini outing the institution's secrets.

7. Giovanni Ribisi

Depending on your generation you'll either know Ribisi as Phoebe's younger brother on Friends, Parker Selfridge from Avatar, or as the guy who stole Ted. Yeah, he's a Scientologist too!

8. Elizabeth Moss

You might recognize her as Peggy from Mad Men, but it seems the the actress is also a Scientologist. Despite the negativity being directed towards the Church, it seems the actress has managed to remain unscathed.

9. Ethan Suplee

Best known for his role as Earl's kind-hearted but dim-witted brother in My Name Is Earl, Ethan Suplee has been a member of the Church of Scientology for many years.

10. Beck Hansen

Beck is a singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist and yeah, you guessed it... a Scientologist.

11. Greta Van Susteren

Greta is an anchor for Fox News whose husband, John P. Coale, served as an advisor to Sarah Palin. Both Greta and her husband are practicing Scientologists.

12. Jenna Elfman

Otherwise known as Geg's new-age wife, Dharma, on Dharma and Greg, she's certainly a surprising person to appear on a list of Scientologists. Seriously, did the Church of Scientology hold a recruiting fair outside a '90s television studio? They seem to have a ton of '90s sitcom stars!

13. Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is the former wife of the late cultural icon Elvis Presley, and as it turns out, she's a celebrated celebrity Scientologist.

14. Lisa Marie Presley

Here's an exciting one to finish us off. It turns out Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa, is a former Scientologist who helped Tom Cruise reunite with his daughter after Katie Holmes left the Church of Scientology. She has since threatened to expose their secrets and is a surprising advocate for anti-Scientology views. Someone really should put Lisa in touch with Leah Remini.

So did any of these come as a surprise? Let us know!

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