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Since 1962, Eon Productions has released 24 thrilling Bond films, based on Ian Flemings's novels, the latest of which is Spectre starring Daniel Craig as 007. Over the years, Bond has become one of the most famous characters in cinema, appealing to both men and women across many different generations.

To have the opportunity to play Bond is the sort of thing that actors dream of, but also a source of great debate among those who are Bond purists. When Daniel Craig was cast as Bond back in 2005, many fans were against the decision purely because of his blond hair and smaller stature (Craig is 5'10"). However, now 10 years later, it would be fair to say that he's absolutely smashed the role, transforming the character for the better. But what would happen if the role was to change more dramatically? Say, for example, if James Bond became Jane Bond. Yes, I know it's a controversial statement, but in this time of reboots (the female Ghostbusters for example), it's something that, to be honest, is quite fun to think about.

Below I've assembled five actresses who I believe fit the bill for the role of Bond. They're all British, all around the right age, all starred in action films, and would all look amazing sipping a martini while wearing formal wear. Check out the list and then vote below for who you believe would be the best Bond, Jane Bond:

Emily Blunt

At 32 years old, Emily Blunt would just fit the bill for Bond (the youngest Bond ever was 30-year-old George Lazenby), but despite her young age, her experience portraying powerful, action heroes with style definitely places her in the competition.

Over the last two years, Blunt has proved herself as an action star in films Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario, that, coupled with roles in films such The Devil Wears Prada and The Young Victoria show Blunt's undeniable style and sexiness -- a must for any Bond.

Kate Beckinsale

It will probably surprise no one to see Kate Beckinsale on the list. This London-based babe has made her name starring in the Underworld franchise, and can definitely wield the 'action star' title with ease.

Aside from Beckinsale's ass-kicking abilities to rival any Bond's, she's also a class act. Films such as Pearl Harbor and The Aviator show that the actress scrubs up well, and can definitely rock the formal wear.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Academy Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones would work wonderfully as Agent 007, given her history of appearing in action and thriller films, such as The Mask of Zorro, Ocean's 12 and Entrapment. Her work in Chicago, proves she can look the part, right down to the drinking and smoking!

Rachel Weisz

Who better to take on the role of a female Bond, than the spouse of the current Bond?! Over the years, Rachel Weisz has starred in a wide range of films, including more action-based films such as Constantine and The Mummy series, but also films such as The Constant Gardner, for which she won an Academy Award.

As a former fashion model, Weisz can pull off any number of suave looks that the role of Bond requires, and besides, surely she's picked up the mannerisms after being married to Daniel Craig for four years!

Thandie Newton

For the final possible female Bond, Thandie Newton has to be a strong contender. A familiar face to action fans from films such as Mission Impossible and The Chronicles of Riddick, she will soon also star in the upcoming sci-fi/western HBO series Westworld.

Aside from Newton's acting prowess, her own mother is apparently a Shona princess! The Shona are a group of Bantu people in Zimbabwe, and Newton revealed her royal ties back in 2006 -- surely with such regal roots she's destined for the role of Jane Bond?


Who would be your choice for a female Bond?


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